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F. A. Hayek, the darling of the Republican "Small Government" movement for his book The Road to Serfdom, was vehemently opposed to everything the Republicans currently stand for, as he explained at length in the appendix Why I am Not a Conservative to his book The Constitution of Liberty. Small Government is actually a Code Word for racism, including immigrant-bashing, for cutting taxes for the rich, and for Laissez-Faire Market Fundamentalism, especially deregulating businesses. Hayek denounced each of these ideas in no uncertain terms. The Road to Serfdom argued against Soviet-style central planning of economies both on grounds of economic inefficiency to the point of incompetence, and on grounds of state tyranny.

Hayek was particularly concerned to make clear distinctions among totalitarian forms of Socialism in the Soviet Union and Nazi (National Socialst) Germany; the Liberal tradition of market freedom and freedom of thought, speech, and so on; and those Conservatives who might better be called Reactionaries. In his view, this is not a linear scale, but three corners of a triangle.

Hayek was afraid that the Labour government in England would become a state tyranny, which it has not. However, Republicans pretend that tyrannical Socialism includes European Social Democratic and British Labour party policies, and in particular any form of Liberal (in the American sense of Progressive) social programs opposed by the remaining racists in the US, particularly in the South. They also pretend that Market Fundamentalist Laissez-Faire is the essence of the Adam Smith competitive market idea.

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