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Marilyn Bornhorst, was Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Hawaii from 1996 to 1998. She was preceded by Richard Port and succeeded by Walter Heen.

From a Star-Bulletin editorial dated September 10, 1996 regarding her election as Chairwoman:

Bornhorst won a narrow 31-28 victory over retired state appellate judge Walter Heen, the candidate of Governor Cayetano, former Gov. John Waihee and other mainstream party members. Her election may have been a sign of restiveness in party ranks.
Unlike Port, a retired career state employee, Bornhorst has held elective office, serving 14 years on the City Council. She ran for mayor in 1988, losing to Frank Fasi, but has since been inactive politically. As a result of her political career, she is much better known in the community than Port was when he became chairman. An independent who got into politics by lobbying for civic organizations, she may continue Port's needling of powerful Democrats. [1]

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