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Welcome to the dKosopedia, a collaborative project of the DailyKos community to build a political encyclopedia. The dKosopedia is written from a left/progressive/liberal/Democratic point of view while also attempting to fairly acknowledge the other side's take. It was started in April of 2004, and currently consists of 7,720 articles. You are invited to contribute. See below for instructions.

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Featured Article: Voting Rights

The right to vote in a democratic election is one of the cornerstones of civil rights. The subset of America's population with voting rights has gradually expanded beyond its originally narrow base. Voting legislation including:

has addressed the questions of which segment of the population is allowed to vote, how those votes are counted, and how districts are drawn. Bills of rights for voters have been enumerated.

In recent years, particularly beginning with the 2000 presidential election, allegations of election irregularities and election fraud have become increasingly common. Aside from controversy over felon voting rights, the focus of attention has been expanded beyond overt disenfranchisement of specific segments of the population to covert threats against election integrity. Election litigation has become an integral part of the political landcape, including litigation revolving around voting accessibility. Various election system proposals have been made to address election system flaws through electronic and nonelectronic technology. Various means for holding officials accountable for election integrity have been proposed.

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