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2004 Voting Irregularities

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Sandusky County, OH

131% turnout in Clyde. County elections appears to have no webpage.

Cuyahoga County, OH

Turnout appeared to be over 100% in some areas, because absentees for entire wards were added in single precincts. However, turnout was actually surpressed.

High third-party results in several strong Kerry support precincts revealed patterns of cross-voting, casting ballots with equipment for one precinct and counting with equipment for another. In Cuyahoga County, 7/8th of their voters shared locations with precincts using different ballot orders. Combinations of ballot orders determine cross-voting outcomes. The arrangement of the ballot order combinations created higher probabilities of cross-voting and Kerry-Bush vote-switching in areas of highest Kerry support. Because Nader's place on the ballot was converted to disqualified, cross-votes could also go uncounted. The non-vote percentages also indicated cross-voting. Statistical analysis revealed correlations between Kerry support, third-party voting, and percentage of non-votes. Sorting precincts according to cross-vote outcomes revealed the cross-voting. Kerry votes were converted to Bush votes, non-votes, and third party candidate votes moreso than vice-versa because Cuyahoga County, Ohio's largest, has 2/3 Kerry voters.

Franklin County, OH

3,893 too many votes for Bush in precinct Gahanna 1-B

Funny stuff with Absentee votes: Ohio Franklin County Absentees

Volusia County, FL

Serious fraud issues going on in this county, which gave Gore -16,022 votes in one precinct in 2000.

Other Ohio

Other Florida

Media Roundup

Boston Globe Nationwide Problems w/ Graphic

Olbermann blog and transcripts

Valley Advocate "Did Bush Get Lucky?"

Orlando Weekly "Was it Hacked?"

NYT: GAO to Investigate

SF Chronicle article


Child Pages

2004 Florida Irregularities

2004 Ohio Irregularities

External Links -My goal in writing this was first to comb through the archives of everything available on the subject, cull the most credible sources, and assemble it all into one user-friendly format so readers might draw their own conclusions.

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