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Hawaii State Legislature, 2007

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Members of the 2007 Hawaii State Legislature

Hawaii State Legislature: Hawaii State Senate (Dem:20 Rep:5)(Wikipedia)

During the 2006 election cycle, the following senate seats saw changes:

Hawaii State Legislature: Hawaii State House of Representatives (Dem:43 Rep:8)(Wikipedia)

The following representative seats changed during the 2006 election cycle. (Net loss of two seats for the Republicans.):

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Honolulu Advertiser Legislative Updates

Election 2006



Prioritization, Bipartisanship

Factions in the legislature

Opening Day

Residents hope

Wrap-up of the 2007 legislative session

Vetoes and Overrides

Adult Abuse

Affordable housing, homelessness


Bills at crossover deadline

Uniform Building Code

Campaign finance reform/Public financing of elections

Charter Schools

Civil Unions

Coffee labeling

Counties' wish lists

Death with Dignity

Disaster preparedness




Environmental legislation


Global warming

Health Care

The Hawaii State Legislature bill to help uninsured children and youths (HB1008 HD2 SD2 CD1) was passed by the legislature and the governor signed it (Act 236) on 30 June 2007. Known as the Keiki Care bill, it will accomplish the following:
1. State pays monthly premiums for children enrolled in QUEST-Net (251-300% FPL);
2. Create newborns special fund to cover up to $10,000 of health care per eligible uninsured infant who is 0-30 days old;
3. Establish free Keiki Care plan for children ineligible for QUEST or Medicaid. Child must live in Hawaii and be continuously uninsured six months (with an exception for children who “income out” of Med-QUEST’s programs); and
4. Change Hawaii Revised Statutes so there is household income parity between Immigrant Children’s Plan and Med-QUEST’s State Children’s Health Insurance Program. [8]

Innovation initiative

Law Enforcement Coalition legislative package

Ko Olina tax credit returned

Ocean resources

Pedestrian Safety

Prison related

Lingle said the bill unrealistically demands that the state return prisoners from the mainland if they have less than one year before parole.
"This bill endangers the well-being of inmates, compromises the safety of the community, exposes the state to costly litigation and provides only a single year of funding for programs with multiyear impacts," Lingle said.
The governor said she is having the Attorney General do a legal analysis to determine whether the law is a mandate or whether she has any options. "If it's a mandate, the concern is we will need to release the people before they've served their time because we don't have the facilities here," she said.
Hanabusa countered, "We have got to a point where we have to bring our prisoners home."
Asked where the returning prisoners would be housed, Hanabusa said it was up to the Public Safety Department to "figure something out." [13]
Legislators overrode the veto, saying the Lingle administration has refused to obey the will of the Legislature and build more prisons. [14]

Iwalani White cabinet nominee rejection by Senate

Private jet

Public Access TV channels


Small Business

Stadium bill





Tax Credit/Tax Refund/Budget


UH Regent selection process

Voter turnout boost

Workforce development

Lifelong Learning Account -- pretax monies through payroll deductions into an account to be matched by employers for job training and education. [20] Referred to committee. [21]
Kama'aina Come Home -- An effort to attract former Hawai'i residents back to the Islands. [22] Referred to committee. [23]
Arakawa, Lynda. Bills seek stronger workforce Honolulu Advertiser, February 13, 2007.
Rapid Response Training -- Develop customized training programs for companies that need workers with specific skill sets that cannot be adequately provided by existing training programs. [24] Measure deferred in committee. [25]
Arakawa, Lynda. Bills seek stronger workforce Honolulu Advertiser, February 13, 2007.

Worker's Comp

Peter Young

Hawai'i Island


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