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Antonin Scalia

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Antonin Scalia is the Republican U.S. Supreme Court justice most lacking in judicial temperment.

On January 23, 2007 Scalia dismissed complaints about the shameful 2000 party line vote on the high court that give George W. Bush the presidency by describing it as a fait accompli. The Gannett Co.'s Journal-News reports that he tells an audience, "It's water over the deck - get over it."

The imperious Scalia dislikes being disputed by the lower orders. On February 21, he ordered American Enterprise Institute security to expel 23 year old Aaron Yule when he asked questions the Justice thought impertinent. Scalia then refused to answer questions from anyone in the audience that were unrelated to his topic. Source: Elizabeth White. "Hecklers Disrupt Scalia at D.C. Appearance." Associated Press. February 21, 2006. Incident Transcript.

Expressions of such arrogance demonstrate a lack of judicial temperment, something necessary for the position Scalia occupies.

Vice President Dick Cheney's duck hunting partner — and judge in his case.[1]


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