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Talk:Church Taxes

From dKosopedia

Part of the reason the theocrats can turn an election is that they are not taxed enough. It would seem reasonable to me that there should be a cut off point. They build retirement homes,run schools,conduct Bible brainwashing classes as perequites for people who need their help,and so on. All in the name of charitable giving. Retirement people take mission trips to foreign lands and pay a good price to do it. The evangelical churches are building up wealth at a great rate allowing them to buy radio stations,media etc. The American people are subsidizing those who would strangle their freedoms.

On this election day I went to vote at a church.(It turned out to be the wrong church.) I entered and saw a room on the right with small white booths,so I walked in thinking they were voting booths. But sitting in these booths were elementary school children. They faced the wall,had 2 foot high side walls, so there was no chance of smiling,making eye contact or any other form of communication with other children. They were filling in blanks in a workbook of rote arithmetic problems. It was the saddest classroom I have ever been in.Two religious women dressed in identical flowered cotton dresses with some kind of covering over the bun hairdo they both had,were standing there monitoring.

I felt this was mental and physical abuse that would be invisible to most people.They smiled and said it was a school but different from a public school. I told them it looked like a very lonely and sad school.And this is what the vouchers will go for. And the church will get even more money.

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