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Pyrrho:The No Culture War

From dKosopedia

Cultural Evolution

Over history philosophical perspectives take hold, but these steady states give way to subsequent perspectives. The conventional wisdom shifts focus. Gods die and are created. This is going on all the time anyway and it is also just a change in emphasis, as all the human modes do live on in the new order.

My culture war is benign and not really a war, because I see an equipolent way. Rather than another dogmatic perspective, a balanced perspective which accepts the need for multiple perspectives. That belief forms it's value system, it's highest priority, and this is nothing other than the American ideals of modern democracy.

The eras in western culture are measured by the millenia, so a transition of a few hundred years is significane, a sub-age, a transitional age of it's own.

But the next true era is heterogeneous. Not because of a utopian hope or desire but because a globally sized culture demands it. We need different cultures and sub cultures and tastes to solve our problem. Traffic in cities is largely because we all travel to work at the same time. The same time. Why not different times? What does time have to do with it you ask? Our tastes provoke our problems, our tastes will yields.

All action is to hasten this (or slow it), and to preserve that which is in danger of obliteration by the war culture on the way down in status.

War Metaphors I'm not a big fan of the War metaphor at all, but for the sake of the warrior I'll use it. The warrior wants a war, to vent their frustrations and spend their power, and of course they hope for a just war. The pacifist would hope for a just war even more, if it didn't seem oxymoronic, contradictio in adjecto --- a contradiction in term.

No Class War I've seen a few calls for (rhetorical) Class War around dkos and I've seen a few claims that the Republicans are already waging one. Regarding the latter, it's true if you care to interpret it that way, but I think there is another interpretation which is more apt, and which is where the warriors ought to focus their energy. At least if they want us pacifists to take part in war support.

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This page was last modified 23:00, 23 June 2006 by Chad Lupkes. Based on work by dKosopedia user(s) Pyrrho. Content is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

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