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Source Documents: Department of Defense (3/25/05) | Press Section 7

reviewer: Pyrrho



There were two cases covered in this section, the first is mostly illegible hand written reports on a case in which it appears a video of a hapless detainee was shown to many people and traded using soldier's laptops. It's not clear what was going on in the video because the copies are so illegible. It appears the detainee was having trouble standing in the mud, exactly why, or if he was struck was not clear. The statements were sworn about May 2004.

The other case was that of soldiers at Camp Marlboro regaring abuse accusations (for which men are found guilty) in summer of 2003. These cases revolve around the "CMOC", an apparently marine run facility, the "Civilian Military Operations Center" to which detainees are supposed to be taken for holding. I would say the theme the abuse generates from officers at CMOC refusing to take more prisoners and advising squads to "take them our and beat the fuck out of them, or do whatever you want".

Details Incident A

As I say, these documents are nearly illegible, if anyone wants to make sense of them they are pages 1381-1412.

Details Incident B

(note: all documents in this block have page numbers as part of the FOIA release, these are the numbers referred to, and they are stamped at the bottom of each document page)

pages 1413-1480: AR 15-6 Investigation Report, Kristopher Macavoy


Suspension of Platoon Sergeant duties


Memo from accused to Commander, 2nd Armored Division. Apology for stripping detainee, "I know it was wrong", first document of many contining reports that Marine CMOC staff says "just taken them out and scare them" or "take them out and beat the hell out of them".


Memo for commander, 2nd Armored Division. Short note appears to be on behalf of author of 1418, recommending light punishment because of the person's good character and other good history with detainees. The theory in these two documents is that the sargeant only stripped the detainees for their own safety as other troops were shooting looters on sight.

page 1421 is the "Redacted Charge" Form: Two specificication for two violations.

Spec1: In that, \<redacted\> US Army, at or near Baghdad, Iraq, between 15 January 2003 and 15 July 2003, was derelict in the performance of his duties in that he willfully directed his soldiers to strip all clothing from a detainee, a persona whose name is unknown, and release said detainee naken in public, when it was his duty not to do so.

Spec2: In that \<radacted\>, US Army, at or near Baghdad, Iraq, between 15 January 2003 and 15 July 2003, was derelict in the performance of his duties in that he willfully failed to process through the Civilian Military Operations Center (CMOC), a detainee in his custody, a person whose name is unknown, when it was his duty to do so.


Guilty Plea, with condition that "the convening authority agrees to refer my case to a summary court martial."


Investigation Checklist, a somewhat interesting form in that it shows the expectations of the investigation, all the elements that are supposed to be in place.

1429- Summary of incident


Assignment of Investigator


Rights Warning Procedure/Waiver Certificate


Statement of witness, soldier unable to park due to the 100 cases of unloaded soda for 4'th of July which becomes the fulcrum of this story.


Another Statement of witness, but has seen only "discomfort and embarrassment".


Personal info, mostly redacted.


Story of having seen a naken Iraqui run by.


Redactions and blank space.


Statement of soldier involved with running after the looters that day at Camp Marlboro, some soldier raised a weapon and fired at the looters, witness said shooter claimed it was a "warning shot".


Statement focusses on theory that stripping the suspected Iraqi looters (one of the at least two incidents in this investigation, the other being the Fourth of July Soda Run, in which a detainee, allegedly a looter from earlier in the day, but caught LONG AFTER the looters had run off, was mal treated). Interesting fear that "bulldog elements" might kill looters not permanently scared off.


Redactions and blank space.


Another witness quoting CMOC admittance personel saying "beat the fuck out of them or do whatever you want."


Redactions and blank affidavit. (One statement of never having seen any detainee abuse at all).


Statement confirming prior claim of having seen a soldier shock an Iraqi (with the charge detonator). This is either a third incident, or possibly related to the Fourth of July Soda incident.


Statement denying any abuse and denial of anyone trying to make the stories the same.


Statement from one of those firing a "warning shot" during the pursuit of the looters at Camp Marlboro.

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