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kinetic energy reservoirs

An energy source for the Blue Ball game players who wish to practice energy politics at their source! Identify kinetic energy reservoirs in your daily life, and try harvesting them to create potential energy for use elsewhere instead of squandering the energy needlessly.

The classic energy source in this field for US citizens, (and many others on our roads)is the automobile in motion, which contains huge amounts of kinetic energy. Some harvesting pointers.

1. a rapidly moving vehicle should be kept moving toward its goal at an even speed 2 if forced to stop, the deceleration should be as gradual as possible, saving wear on brakes 3 if in traffic the game is to keep moving however slowly, without stopping, planning ahead for light changes etc. 4 if the above game is impossible because of an excess of other cars, try driving at another time, or try joining others on train/buses or in other cars with several passengers 5 avoid stopping or parking on steep hills, going up, and try to park or stop going down a hill so that you can start again without backing up to get going 6 if you want to be thought of as a nice person on a planet with intelligent life, avoid driving a car on overcrowded roads. A person is born without a car, an autoperson is a metamorphic monster, often unaware of the kinetic energy he/she wastes in hot mountains of co2, especially when in very large groups in small spaces! 7 think of stoplights not as a nuisance to your personal busy plans but as robbers which steal your kinetic energy repeatedly if you do not plan to hit them on green. Agitate in your town or city politically for intelligent traffic light coordination so there are green sequences to facititate flow 8 don't drag alot of junk around with you in your car, it costs you every time you have to set it all in motion. If you're overweight, it costs you, and it costs the planet--that's the political part that hurts on the bluegreen bottom line 9 on the other hand if somehow you succeed in setting an overweight person in a car in motion without cost, (they live at the top of a hill) the weight is an advantage in the kinetic energy account- until you burn it all up in a braking manouver without any useful energy transfer. 10 generator brake research might be worth a huge investment. Retrofitting brakes so that they could work like electric motors in generator phase could provide enormous savings by harvesting the kinetic energy for use again in other places or other machines via battery transfer or by uploading into the grid at stoplights or hydrogen stations

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