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The "Good Bye Cruel World" diary is when a Kossack decides that DailyKos has become too (fill in the blank) or isn't nearly (fill in the blank) enough for him or her to continue visiting the site.

General chaos ensues in the Comments as other Kossacks agree, disagree, wish the diarist good luck or good riddance.

One of the most famous GBCW diaries in the history of Daily Kos was written on August 3rd, 2006, by user ErrinF, who not only proclaimed that she wanted to leave Daily Kos, but demanded that Markos delete her account as well (something which Scoop, the software that powers Daily Kos, was not designed to allow)

I want out of this farce of a website. I thought this was on open forum for progressives to discuss their views. Instead, it is little more than the internet wing of the Democratic propoganda machine. Now that I want out, a fair minded and liberal website would let me delete my account and go. Instead, DailyKos will give me no such option. Like some sort of cult, I was welcomed in freely but am now being barred from leaving. I do not want to simply leave and let my info remain here at a website I am disgusted by and want no further part in. Since Kos won't allow me the decent option of deleting my account (just about every blog DOES let you delete your account when you want to), then somebody here needs to delete my account for me. To deny me deletion of my own account is unacceptable. You all suck. A lot of you wouldn't know what a progressive thought was if it bit you in the ass. To you, a progressive thought is whatever the Democratic party line spoonfeeds you. A tremendous amount of you are Democrats because mommy and daddy were Democrats. Churches and political parties are full of blind conformists that are simply towing the line they've been told to from the get go, with little regard to actual political thought, let alone progressive political thought. The amount of blind conformity that goes on in America is what fuels the corrupt two party system. DailyKos exemplifies blind conformity, and I regret any and all association I have had with it. I should be allowed to delete my account and go; Why should I be forced to stay amid this pathetic cult of personality? The herd mentality that goes on here sickens me now, AND I WANT OUT. Regardless of my personal experience here, EVERYBODY WHO SIGNED UP TO THIS WEBSITE SHOULD BE FREE TO DELETE THEIR ACCOUNTS IF THEY SO WISH TO. For Kos to deny us this is downright fascist. Since I can't delete my account myself, my only recourse is to be as abrasive and disruptive as I can be UNTIL MY ACCOUNT GETS DELETED. As long as my account remains here, I do not feel comfortable leaving. Is it really such a tough request to delete my account so I can go? Just what kind of website lets you join up but won't let you leave? One that regards people as little more than statistics, that's what. How like the Democratic Party for Kos to view his site's members as little more than statistics. DELETE MY FUCKING ACCOUNT, KOS. You don't want me hanging around, and neither do I.
The diary generated over 1,500 comments and many snarkalicious pictures.

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