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Health Regulations Changes on GW Bush Administration

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Health Regulations Changes on GW Bush Administration

Religious and Corporate friendly bias on legislature can fly on the face of current science and endanger our health.


New guidelines gut HIV prevention

Lethal new regulations from President Bush's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) risk gutting HIV-prevention education in the United States, by censoring their didatic material for any "suggestive" content and by forcing the inclusion of material that affirms that "Condoms don't work". Current research indicates condoms are the most efficient method to prevent STDs

LA Weekly: News: Condom Wars

Bush Cut Millions from Programs to Help Individuals Living with HIV/AIDS

In March 2004, Bush Administration Announced Cuts to Ryan White CARE Act in 40 of 51 Cities Most Affected by HIV and AIDS. Previous cuts had already forced HIV/AIDS agencies in South Florida to set income limitations on beneficiaries and put patients on months-long waiting lists for doctors’ appointments. A St. Louis Post Dispatch editorial noted the cuts, stating that “in the shadow of neglect, Mr. Bush is shortchanging a big AIDS initiative named after Ryan White, one of HIV's young victims.” More

Bush proposes Mandatory Mental screening

In an innocent looking attempt to help the poor, whose childrens' problems with ADD and such often go undiagnosed, Bush finds a boondago for his corporate donnors such as Eli Lilly (Prozac)

He proceeds to make it into law, despite misgivings by his own FDA See details in Bush proposes Mandatory Mental screening

EPA Pesticide Study Endangers Children’s Health

CHEERS (Children’s Environmental Exposure Research Study) The EPA will monitor developmental changes in babies, from birth to 3 years, who are exposed to pesticides in their home The study looks at 60 children, with less than 10% representing a control group, which consists of children that have low pesticide exposure. Pesticide Manufactureres are funding the study.

"intellectual conflict of interest" purges at the FDA

Doctor Who Cited Drug's Risks Is Barred From FDA Panel The Food and Drug Administration has told a researcher that he cannot be part of an advisory panel that will meet early next year to review the safety of a class of drugs, COX-2 inhibitors, used to treat arthritis and pain. The reason, the agency said, is he publicly stated that he thought one of these drugs caused heart problems and that Pfizer, its maker, knew that and was covering it up.

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