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List of electronic voting machine vendors

From dKosopedia

Short Name with dKosopedia Link Full Name with Company Website Link Models VoteTrustUSA Link Comments
Accenture [1] "Accenture eDemocracy Services delivers strategic planning, state-of-the-art e-voting applications, online consultations, creative voter engagement campaigns, election reform program management, voter registration and election management solutions, and voting system implementation services." (from VoteTrustUSA link)
AccuPoll AVS 1000 [2]
Advanced Voting Solutions Winvote [3] formerly Shoup
Avante Vote-Trakker 1 (EVC-308), Vote-Trakker 2 (EVC-308SPR) [4]
Danaher Danaher Guardian 1242 ELECTronic [5]
Diebold Diebold Election Systems Diebold TS [6]
Election Systems and Software Election Systems and Software ES&S Votronic, iVotronic, V-2000 [7] founded by Chuck Hagel; see List of ES&S failures (in PDF format) compiled by; Gary Greenhalgh, former vice-president;
Hart Intercivic Intercivic [8]
Inkavote (EDS) [9]
MicroVote Infinity, 464 [10]
Nedap N.V. Nederlandsche Apparatenfabriek [11] An October 6, 2006 report (in PDF format) reveals Nedap machines' vulnerability to software insertion, similar to that of the Diebold machine found by the Princeton team
Populex Populex Corporation Populex Digital Paper Ballot [12] from website: "The Populex Digital Paper Ballot™ is created with an easy-to-use computer-based touch screen system. In contrast to most other touch screen voting systems that collect and store votes electronically inside the computer, the Populex™ voting system prints a tangible voter-verifiable paper ballot card. This ballot card is the official ballot. Each voter receives one card. The final ballot contains a bar code that is scanned to record and count the votes on election day. The same ballot card is the paper audit trail that must be available for manual audits and recounts as required by the Help America Vote Act of 2002."
Quest [13] "Quest Information Systems is an IT consulting company located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Their product FirstTuesday allows voter registration file consolidation, duplicate registration elimination, election/ballot management systems, and web based campaign finance reporting. Quest has contracts with Indiana, Maine, and Rhode Island. Quest has partnered with Unisys in Virginia." (from VoteTrustUSA link)
Saber Saber Elections Practice Electus [14] "Saber's Elections Practice, which includes Election Management, Centralized Voter Registration, and the Duplicate Voter Exchange, has been developed from the ground up to assist states in implementing the Help America Vote Act (HAVA)." (from company website)
SafeVote Safevote, Inc. provides Internet, e-mail voting systems, among others
Sequoia Voting Systems Sequoia Voting Systems AVC Edge, AVC Pacific, Advantage [15] was owned by a European company and then the British company De La Rue until 2005; was owned by Smartmatic, a trust of Venezuelan entrepreneurs, until December 2006, when Smartmatic sold Sequoia in order to end a U.S. inquiry (see Washington Post article)
Triad Election Systems Relation between Triad Election Systems(?), Triad Systems(?), and Triad Governmental Systems, Inc., is unclear. Triad Governmental Systems has a Demopedia page. According to affidavit by Sherole Eaton, Triad employees interfered with Ohio recount.
TruVote TruVote International TruVote 2.0 System from company website: "One system that meets and exceeds the 2005 guidelines for voting equipment is the TruVote 2.0 System. The TruVote System provides a complete Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) as defined in the 2005 Voluntary Voting System Guidelines."
UniLect UniLect Corporation Patriot Voting System [16]
VoteHere [17] division of Dategrity (produces election audit and verification technology)
Vote-PAD [18] founded by Ellen Theisen, formerly of VotersUnite and VoteTrustUSA; produces low-tech ballot marking systems for disabled voters
Voting Technologies International [19]

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