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List of policy terms

From dKosopedia

We need a base of terms that are objectively defined to build visions on. Here they are. Don't worry too much about duplication, eventually it'll get settled out. Improve the list using the detailed method outlined on the talk page. If it's not adequate to resolve all disputes, use the FrameTank method to get to consensus.

What's here has been through the FrameTank already, and supports rational policy conversations without biasing them. There is nothing Karl Rove will hate more than improving this page. Names of specific mandates and agencies belong on this list as they implement policies.

This list of policy terms includes only those with verifiable or objective definitions. Yes, even laws of God, those are defined in each religion and quite difficult for anyone to make up or fake. Argue with this stuff rationally via position:namespace.

This list respects name precedents far better than any that you could just make up: You should find every term that is not specifically about policymaking as a process, in the Wikipedia with exactly the name here. That's the best source of name precedents, with friendly large public political wikis like and as the next best sources for concepts that would only be defined in a political context.

This list is CC-by-nc-sa and may be shared with any nonprofit agency whatsoever.

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