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Main namespace

From dKosopedia

The main namespace follows relatively strict naming conventions to make it very easy to interlink pages within it. See dKosopedia:page name issues for challenges in all this.

The dKosopedia Category Project is about organizing main namespace for quick reference.

Not every article belongs in main namespace, though most do. Other namespaces exist, all for good reason. Main namespace has a neutral point of view though leaning towards a sympathetic point of view to the progressive political positions most of us share. It is important to state these positions as neutrally as we can, but to keep the ones we do not all agree on in the separate position:namespace - see below under FrameShop process.

based on origins

If it's about dKosopedia:itself as a project, it belongs in dKosopedia:namespace.

If it's personal to one user, it belongs in User:namespace. If it's dialogue with that user it belongs in User_talk:namespace. There may eventually be a rant:namespace for people who want to express highly controversial or hilarious opinions in common. Including some that would attract lawsuits if they were not clearly marked as a humourous "rant".

FrameShop process

The FrameShop process handles the vision/threat/status and issue/position/argument information. The issues are left in main namespace, because everything is potentially an issue with positions on it. And because "Hawaii issue" and so on, are normal terms you want to use in ordinary discourse. But the positions and claims and terms and the process of reframing itself are highly charged, and stating these requires a different POV entirely.

The claim:namespace makes claims about the past, and only that. Each title is a claim, and the only content on that page should be evidence/source/authority for that claim. For instance claim:Bush has declared war on science. You can't make arguments without claims. You also can't file a lawsuit without claims. The language is deliberately legal.

The position:namespace states what should occur. It can be very coloured and very partisan or funny, such as position:to call Bush a chimp is insulting to near-humans. Someone must believe it's true (I do!) or it's not a real position. Real positions have arguments for them.

The term:namespace is where hopelessly biased terms go. A term:list includes many that are commonly heard in discourse but shouldn't be.

The reframe:namespace is for actively reframing bad terms into useful neutral ones in the main namespace. When a term becomes high priority to eradicate, you must reframe it. The results will be clean terms that can go into main namespace. A good example:

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