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MemeTank Instructions

How to Create a Meme

(By which we mean an entry in the MemeTank for a meme.)

First, decide if it's a new meme or an existing one.

Second, format it correctly:

  1. Each meme needs to be given a short name to signify it.
  2. The link should lead to a description of the meme
  3. Each Meme should eventually have the sections in the MemeTank:Template.
    In practice this means you can feel free to add any of these sections and fill them in for yourself if they are not present.

Since the meme can be an idea about anything, of course other sections are likely to be required to completely diagram the meme. For more see Memetank:Methodology.

What is a Meme?

Alternate Indices

The pages below organize the memes in different ways.

See also Code Words, Lies and Lying Liars

The Meme Development Project

Meme Development Project: Instructions

This section is for people who want to invent new memes and try to encourage professional journalists to start using them. Yes, I know that's a tall order, but you've got to think big to change the world.

Remember, real journalists have certain limits - there are certain things they just won't say, no matter what. Don't put a meme in here unless you really think there's a chance we might be able to get the New York Times to repeat it.

I'd also like to point out that even if we are successful, this project probably isn't going to be able to get memes into common usage all that quickly. Because of that, think long-term. Memes about Bush may not be helpful: by the time we get them out there, the election will likely be over. Instead, concentrate on memes that change the way people think about politics in general.

Meme Development Project: Memes


New Terms & Catchphrases

The Meme Cataloguing Project

Liberal/Progressive Memes

Right-Wing Memes

Memes that favor neither Liberals nor Conservatives:

Liberal memes that backfire:

Meme Seed Ideas

(A scratchpad of ideas for productive memes)





The Left

The Right

The Center

The Spectrum


Economy and Taxes







Foreign Policy


Democratic/Liberal values

Labels we like



See also

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