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Meme, Trope, Frame

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(Created for <a href="">this</a> dkos diary)


I've admitted personally that to me "meme" is just a tools, it is a term that has an extends over real world phenomenon. The how and why are scientific issues involving linguistics, cognative science, and philosophy, the political issue is just to master their use. Full understanding of the how and the why is no more necessarry than it nec. for us to understand how resperation works in order to breath, that is, we have a natural facility to work this way.

So a "meme" for the "MemeTank" at dkosopedia is merely an idea which can be represented at various levels, each level can be represented in language. It needs an identifying phrase like "Fairy Tale Conservatives". It should also have representations that take just a few sentences to express, followed by let's say "Diary Lengthed" explanations, and for our purposes also a robust and accurate idea which can bear the support of whole books, volumes of books and exhaustive studies.

Much controversy exists over the term meme, and my attempt to get out of that controversy by appealing to pragmatism of needing a term that describes ideas which are easily transmitted, which have condensed representations, and are essentially social ideas does still have.

At one point someone suggested that a "trope" is what we meant rather than "meme":

(from websters via Trope: The use of a word or expression in a different sense from that which properly belongs to it; the use of a word or expression as changed from the original signification to another, for the sake of giving life or emphasis to an idea; a figure of speech.

The trope of "Banana Republics" (we know what they were (are?) in a historical sense) is in use in "Banana Republicans", but the "meme" is more than that. And from a philosophers point of view this word "meme" does fine to bundle together ideas like "trope" in service of a new encapsulating conception. That is, a trope is a useful -part- of a meme.

The term "frame" is closer to the whole idea of meme. It may be a better replacement, but still, the idea from the MemeTank perspective is that a "frame" is a crucial part of a meme, but the meme is still a superset of which the frame is just a part. The meme includes it's own analysis, it includes it's citations and uses in the press, it involves the frames status in the culture, the level of it's adoption.

Creating words for a philosopher is just a fringe benefit, control of language is key to creation of ideas... but perhaps the term meme will fade away to be replaced by something else, something new, or some old word reinvigorated. Personally, I suspect it will merely evolve a more refined meaning without losing it's usefulness.

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