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Pete Hoekstra

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Peter Hoekstra, a.k.a. Pete Hoekstra is the Republican who "respresents" the Second Congressional District of Michigan 2nd District. Whiule the Republcians still have a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives he sits as chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Hoekstra holds some impressively far-right views. For example, he called for Pulitzer-prize winning journalists Dana Priest, Eric Lichtblau, and James Risen to be jailed as a result of their investigative reporting into the NSA's warrantless eavesdropping program and the CIA's secret prisons.


Just Wants to be a Player in Intelligence

Interestingly, he opposed the nomination of Michael V. Hayden as CIA Director, saying "I do believe he's the wrong person and the wrong place at the wrong time." On July 9, 2006 Hoekstra complained that he wasn't briefed on a major intelligence operation on Fox News. (Perhaps now he knows something about what the rest of America is feeling.) Hoekstra doesn't appeasr interested in defending liberty against unconstititional government surveillance so much as he was angry that he had been left out of the inner circle. "I want to set the standard there that it is not optional for this president of any president or people in the executive community not to keep the intelligence committees fully infomed of what they are doing," he said. Source: Stephanie Kirchgaessner. Financial Times, July 10, 2006, p.6. How effective and influential can he be if the real players can ignore him so casually?

Still Defending the second Bush administration's WMD Lie

In June, 2006, Hoekstra joined Republican Sen. Rick Santorum in claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

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