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Pyrrho:Pry The Country From My Cold Dead Fingers

From dKosopedia

I am sympathetic to the fears of those that wonder if America's Democracy is not gravely threatened. I'm sympathetic to worries that the PATRIOT act and Perpetual War Against Terror are tools which will erode our democratic freedoms. I fully concur that history is fickle, democracy has not been "achieved" yet, and we are not so far from regression as we are bred to assume. That is, all the fears of the doomsaying may come true.

So I tend to read diaries on this topic as I happen by, topics which often wonder "when did the Jews know to leave Germany?"... and the related questions of why many didn't. Did they not know? Of course many were unable to leave, but the question is valid, and many chose not to leave even though they might have been able. Why? And we sit and wonder... at what stage are we? Am I patriot or fool? Why not both!? Give me liberty or give me death.

Let me be clear, this all may be coming, but to take me from my country you will have to kill me for it.

... and pry it from my cold dead fingers.

America is my country. I won't be told to go home even by the indigenous, because I have indigenous ancestors. I'm am the mixed race, the dispossessed, I have no homeland except what I make. America is my nation now. I love her, she stands for principles of freedom and democracy. Many of these principles have yet to be achieved in the world or even in America, and still, this is my country and these are still her ideals.

I will never flee the US. I'll fight to the last moment with all my strength, and if the fight becomes physical, I'll still not relent. This is my country. How will we know when it's too late to leave?

It's not just America which has crimes on it's hands. Every culture does, certainly every ruling elite does. If honest to goodness fascism takes the US, it won't be the first place, it won't be the last even if fascism has to change it's name once again. It is not American Nature which is the corrupted human, it is truly the very nature of the Christian Era and before it. I see it being overcome by the tectonics of world history, by a force which America embodies. Yes with some hypocrisy... but there is some hypocrisy in all reaching for higher ideals. Fleeing this historic play seems impossible, fleeing that means only that those so disinclined will never have power, but will be swept and herded like tramps tramping from one shelter to the next. We then would be stuck with nothing but a zionist dream of someday having a nation.

I have a nation. It's the United States of America, and if you want it... I'm sharing, but if you want to take it from me... I'm fighting, and if you want to leave it, feel free but I think perhaps your abrogation of the fight is the bigger danger to me. I need you to fight mankind's political neurosis, to attack the cancer where it strikes. If you run, we may run out of time, there may be no place to run. We may fail without you.

Stay with me in America and fight to the end and victory will be ours.

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This page was last modified 22:22, 4 July 2006 by Chad Lupkes. Based on work by dKosopedia user(s) Pyrrho. Content is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

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