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Pseudopatriotism refers to people and movements that adopt the easiest symbolic expressions of love for their nation-state, while doing nothing for, or outright opposing, the things their nation stands for. Easy symbolic expressions include flag waving, anthem singing, quote-mining national heroes, shouting of slogans etc.

The best way to tell the difference between a patriot and a pseudopatriot is to ask: is there any political difference between this person and a jingoistic Chinese person, or a jingoistic Byzantine, or for that matter a hardcore sports fan? Or are those other jingoists merely holding a different flag, singing a different anthem, and shouting a different slogan?

Pseudopatriotism is "seen in all cultures. A kind of masturbation to the clan's tribal symbols, similar to what occurred in any and every nation across time, when the Romans or Assyrians or Pax Britons cheered their flags and called themselves "exceptional" each in their turn, and then - with their aversion to criticism - proved themselves wrong."

"The United States of America has been the most exceptional thing ever to happen to humanity. I say this not out of reflex triumphalism or chauvinism, but as a simple matter of outcomes appraisal….Alas, in a supreme irony, those who most fervently push this overall viewpoint in fevered generalities have also been the same folks responsible for severely damaging the American republic, far more than any enemy has in 150 years....Don't spurn American Exceptionalism, and thus leave the scoundrels with their last refuge unchallenged. Challenge them even over patriotism!" [1]

Pseudopatriotism as Political Judo

The main effectiveness of pseudopatriotism comes from the knee-jerk reaction it gets from nit-pickers and negativists who fail to see the big picture. See: Position: progressives should spread optimism and positivity‎.

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