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Quebec sovereignty referendum

From dKosopedia

In 1980 the first referendum on Quebec indepedence was easily defeated with only 40% support. In 1995 a referendum on Quebec independence was defeated by a very narrow 50.6% to 49.4%. Another referendum is expected to occur in 2010, as the Parti Quebecois have promised to hold it within 18 months of coming to power in the next Quebec general election which is expected in late 2007.

Some believe it could have a cascading and destabilizing effect on both the rest of Canada and the United States by encouraging regional secession in Alaska, Hawaii (see Akaka Bill in particular), Puerto Rico, Newfoundland and perhaps even in California. See Nine Nations of North America for a good analysis of the fundamental factors that challenge both Canadian and American federalism.

Whether it occurs in 2009, 2010, or later, a Quebec sovereignty referendum would be no small thing for North American political culture:

This event would also certainly trigger deeper questioning of the value of US federalism, especially if the White House is still held by a group that is so unpopular in most Canadian border states (notably WA and New England) as to be considered treasonous. Jeremy Rifkin has written on the 'love affair' of the 'blue states' with Canada. Quebec separation would likely permit that to take a more consummated form, with perhaps the Canadian Maritimes seeking to renew its historical ties with New England and weaken ties with Ontario.

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