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Tag:editor portal

From dKosopedia


About This Page

What this page is for

This tag editors workspace is for use by those working on editing tags in the Daily Kos diaries, for tracking and discussing the most frequently used tags for diaries on Daily Kos so we don't have to keep looking them up over and over again, and for suggesting more exact alternatives where required. A tag editor or tag librarian is any person participating in this process. It would be helpful if tag editors would list themselves on the Tag Librarians page.

The Tag Librarians now have a Google Group email Discussion List to make communications easier for those not comfortable with wikis. Membership requires approval and is limited to those listed on the Tag Librarians page, so add your dKos username there and then go to to the Group home page and ask to join.

Tag Librarians Google Group | Group email address: dkos_tag-librarians [at]

Tag Clean Up Jobs

If this is too much for you, check out the Clean Up Jobs page where specific clean up jobs will be listed. Before you go, please read the "Getting Started with Tag-Cleaning" section below.

Daily Kos Tag Cleanup Project

You may want to check the DailyKos Tag Cleanup Project where there is discussion about ways to handle some of the tag issues predictably and programatically.

Getting Started with Tag-Cleaning

If you've never done tag cleaning before, here are some simple guidelines and tricks of the trade.

Wait for the Completed message to display after Submitting a tag change. I've been in a hurry, and had to go back and resubmit the change.

Look over the other tags for the diary you're fixing. If there's a redundant one, you'll want to eliminate it: for example, if both "Feingold" and "Russ Feingold" are there, delete the former and leave the latter. If someone lists "tort reform" twice in a list of tags, eliminate one of them.

Always add first names if you know them. The names will frequently be in the body of the diary; spelling is most likely to be correct in blockquotes that come from media publications. Don't add middle initials unless they're necessary, like for George W. Bush.

First names can be nicknames: Russ Feingold, Bill Clinton, Jim Webb. These have been established by preponderant usage of diarists creating tags: Jim Webb outnumbered James Webb by over five to one, so Jim is the tag. If usage hasn't been established (you can check the Search if you want), then go with the diarist (unless misspelled) or your own best instinct.

Sometimes the tag you're fixing doesn't fit the diary. For example, the "Clinton" tag in a diary that doesn't mention Bill or Hillary or even a related topic. In that case, you can delete the tag. If "Clinton" was the only tag, you'll have to come up with a new, fitting tag, because each diary has to have at least one tag. Pick something reasonably common, if at all possible.

When you've finished fixing your first page of tags, don't hit "Next 25"; hit your browser's refresh instead. While "Next 25" supposedly moves to the next group of 25, in actuality that group gets moved up a page due to the diaries you've just fixed; what you'll be seeing with "Next 25" is the group after that. Effectively, using "Next 25" during tag fixing makes you skip a full page of diaries. When you've completed a tag, always retry the original tag search or refresh the original page of diaries to be sure. It's easy to miss a tag or a page of tags. I've done it.

Some people put commas between each word, rather than each tag. Always fix this. For example, "Hillary, Clinton, George, Bush, Iraq, war" should be changed to "Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Iraq, war". "Iraq, war" could be combined into one tag, but it most often isn't; in this case, I'd leave it alone. My general rule is that if it makes as much sense separated as together, I leave it as originally done, even if the diarist clearly is tag-creation-impaired.

Some people forget to put commas between tags. Add missing commas.

If someone uses semi-colons for tag separators, change them to commas.

Some people put a period at the end of their list of tags, like they're writing a sentence. This is wrong, and the period should be deleted. Sometimes people put a period instead of a comma between tags; make the period a comma. Periods, however, always belong after "Jr." or "Sr.", and the comma that normally goes before "Jr." in names cannot be included in tags, because it'll be treated as a tag separator. A period and a space go after initials in names: George H. W. Bush, not George HW Bush or George H.W. Bush. Add spaces where appropriate.

A tag with two spaces between words is different from the same tag that only has one space; this is another kind of typo. "Bill Clinton" is wrong; "Bill Clinton" is right. Eliminate extra spaces between words.

If you see misspelled tags, fix them, but be sure you're correct. I usually look them up if there's the least doubt. Look at the Tags listed further down on this page, or use the Search for Existing Tags to see whether your spelling or theirs is the preferred one. If the search results are inconclusive, check both spellings against Google to see which comes up with the most hits.

The List of Approved Tags is far from comprehensive, but it gives the approved versions of tags for the most frequently used people, places, things, etc. If your person isn't on that list, see if there's a preponderant usage, and if so, go with that. If not, and the tag you're wondering about has a decent following, leave it. Eventually, a favorite will arise, and the less common ones will be converted.

Remember, there are over 53,000 tags, of which over 21,000 are used more than once. We're standardizing on a single tag for a single person, place, entity, event, concept, etc. On the average day, approximately 200 new tags are created. A bit over half of these are actually new: new candidates, new government appointees, new newsmakers, new events, and so on. The rest are misspellings, last names, bad formats, junk phrases, and other tagging errors.

You don't have to mark your completed job on the Tag cleanup page as having been completed if you don't want to; someone should be along in a day or two to mark it, and, within the week, to move it to the Completed Cleanup Jobs page. If you do mark it, please use the general format: Update: (the word "Update:" with three single quotes before and after to put it in bold font), the number of tags remaining (should be 0), and the date and time. It's nice to write out the month so there isn't any confusion between US and European date formats. You can see examples of this format on the Completed Cleanup Jobs page.

Sardonyx 22:27, 8 February 2007 (PST)

Remapping work

An on-line editable spreadsheet has been created for listing tags for remapping and is available through Google or editgrid - contact me through my talk page here or via a reply to one of my comments in Daily Kos if you want to have editing rights. (anyone can view, but editing limited to known Daily Kos users)
Centerfielder also created a prototype dKosopedia page for this kind of work. Sample here: Tags:Bush Family --[--SarahLee 08:50, 17 November 2006 (PST)

Find the most common usage

This workspace will contain the most used tags for the hottest and most common issues and names. Generally, look for the tags that already have the most use in existing diaries - meaning the way the issue/term has already been used the most by the community. Feel free to add to the list as you are working.

Nightly runs of current tags for us to work from can be downloaded from the Tag data page

List of Standatd Tags

The Standard Tags - alpha list page currently has more than 1500 of the most used tags listed. (Updated on 9-21-07)

Using this page

Try to categorize entries on this page into content areas that will make it easy for others to look up.

As you add headings here, try to add them in alphabetical order.

New Tags:
As mentioned above, the main purpose of this workspace is to document the most used tags. We need to discourage people from creating new tags. Right now we seem to average almost 200 new tags a day. Creating new tags should be rare. Many people work to evaluate and get rid of tags used only one time - often these are what we have come to call "cutesy tags" - more an expression of opinion or emotion than a word to be used for categorizing/indexing. When I delete these "one off" tags from diaries try to leave a comment explaining that this is not good practice.

There are times when it is appropriate to create a new tag. There will always be times when new events happen that require a new reference - like "plamegate" or "pagegate" and there are historic events that have a common terminology that has not yet been used on Daily Kos. It is appropriate to create a new tag when the new term is probably going to be reused.

Sometimes there are already so many entries for a tag that might not be technically correct - it is easier to just go with the flow and make other tags match that one.

Tags by topic

The tags currently most used by diarists at Daily Kos are listed by topic areas below as they are looked up for quick reference .

Community and series diaries

Our community is blessed with many dedicated writers who have started a variety of "series" diaries on special topics.

Each of the Series should have one tag associated with it alone - generally relating to the title. In view of the request that we should not use repetitive tags, the diaries should not have both a long name and a short name in the tags. i.e. "Whats Your Fucking Problem" and "WYFP" To know what to use, it is best to check what tag is linked to in the Series section of the FAQ.

"social" is a tag that shows up in some, but most use "community". "Community" has a great many more hits, so we should use that tag.

If a diary is tagged "recipes" it should NOT also have a tag of "food" or various food products.


Most frequently used tags:

economy, recession, debt, GDP, housing, jobs, Federal Reserve, manufacturing



electoral college, electoral reform, election fraud, election integrity, electronic voting, election results, voter suppression, dirty tricks, disenfranchisement, exit polls, voter turnout, verified voting, paper ballots, voter ID, voters, instant runoff voting, third party

campaign contributions, campaign strategy, Campaign Finance, canvassing, Robocalls, phone banking, GOTV, campaign ads, campaign tools, volunteer, endorsements, fundraising

"phone banking" NOT "phonebanking"
"GOTV" for Get Out The Vote
"Campaign Finance" - NOT "Campaign Finance Reform" - if desired, "reform" can be entered as a separate tag.
"campaign tools" for discussion of things like websites, database tools, etc.
"volunteer" not "volunteering" or "volunteers" etc.
"instant runoff voting" not IRV

Note that "live blogging" is common on election and primary days.

Standard 2008 national election tags:

"2008 elections", and then the office: "president", "vice president", "senate", or "house" 

During primary season add "primaries"
Add only the names of candidates actually discussed in the diary.

"Democratic National Convention" and "Republican National Conventon"  (NOT "DNC" and "RNC" - DNC is the tag for Democratic National Committee)

Use the tag "debate"

  1. the name of the state the debate is held in
  2. "Democrats" or "Republicans"
  3. media outlet hosting the debate
  4. name of moderator (optional)

Redundant Tags:
Eliminate redundant tags - other means of identifying elections, especially presidential elections, should be deleted once the above tags are in place.
No "presidential nominees" or "presidential elections" or "presidential campaigns", "general elections", "mid-term elections," etc.


For non-national, statewide elections: "statename elections" EX: "California Elections", "Texas elections" "Washington elections" for Washington State, "Washington DC elections" for Washington DC.

For State Governor: add the "state abbreviation-Gov" Ex: "TX-Gov," "CA-Gov" and "Governor" and "state_name spelled out" (EX: "New York", "Texas")
For National Senate races:, add "state abbreviation-Sen" Ex: OH-Sen," "SD-Sen" and "Senate" and "state_name"
For National House races: add "state abbreviation-congressional district number as 2 digits. Ex: TX-32," "SD-01" and "House" and "state_name"

State Wide offices: "state_name elections" and "state senate" and/or "state house" and office; Ex: "Secretary of State," "Attorney General," "Treasurer, "Governor"

For local mayors, city council, schoool board, etc. list the city or county, office and "local elections"

Not really a tag issue, but Re "etags": jotter says

when etag="2006 ELECTION" is the query search will find diaries tagged with "2006 election" or "2006 elections" or "2006" "election" or "2006" "elections".


"primaries" now has 822 entries while "primary" has only 342 - probably because there are multiple primaries throughout the election cycle. So "primaries" is now the tag to use and encourage. --SarahLee 15:35, 23 March 2007 (PDT)

Delete any redundant tags like: "2008 presidential primary, "2008 primary election," "democratic primary candidates, "primary debate"

STATE PRIMARIES and CAUCUSES: For listing state primaries, list the name of the state as one tag and "primaries" as the second tag, along with "year elections" Keep it to the simplest standard and established tags.

Voting Machine Manufacturers

(see List of electronic voting machine vendors)



Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

This is being entered as "IPCC" - Make sure that the "environment" tag is in diaries about this report

Stern Global Warming Report

Common Tags - General disclaimer - not every diary will use every tag - these are just the most commonly used:

environment, global warming, Nicholas Stern, Stern Report, Economics of Climate Change, Kyoto, David King, Margaret Beckett, United Nations, Britain, White House Council on Environmental Quality, Kristen Hellmer, Environmental Defense, greenhouse gas. OPEC, Mohammed Barkindo, Al Gore, Tony Blair

General Environmental tags:
climate change, Kyoto, greenhouse gas, extinction, global warming, carbon dioxide, An Inconvenient Truth

Health Care

The following are the most commonly used tags for health care diaries (not all of these tags are appropriate for every health care diary)

health care, economy, Universal Health Care, Single Payer Health Insurance, medicare, medicaid, Medicare Part D, prescription drugs, War on Drugs, health insurance, HMO, mental illness, insanity, depression, SSI, SSDI, disabled, disability, generic drugs, uninsured, medical tourism, dental care,

-- use HPV (NOT "HPV vaccination" or "HPV vaccine" or "HPV virus")

-- use OECD for The Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development referenced in some of bonddad's diaries

"Medicare Part D" has the most useage for referring to the Medicare Drug plan - twice as many as "Medicare D"

-- Common tags for diaries related to the Enzi Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization Act:
Michael Enzi, health care, HIMMA, S 1955, Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization Act, health insurance

--If the diary reflects a personal story add the tag: personal

Some diaries are being tagged with both "healthcare" and "health care." If you see those, please delete one of them. Only ONE tag should be used and "health care" is the one with the most usage at this point. We can probably remap them all into one or the other later on and that might result in the same tag being listed for a diary twice.

Iran Related

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran, United Nations, Security Council, Nuclear, Non-proliferation, John Bolton,


There are multiple possibilities for "Khatami" re which Khatami is being referred to. Generally the first listed below is the correct choice. From Wikipedia:

Iraq Related

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Nouri al-Maliki, Osama bin Laden

Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, War Crimes Act, Geneva Convention

"Stay the Course" is a new, but relevant tag for Iraq and the Bush admin plans. --SarahLee 10:38, 23 October 2006 (PDT)

Use "Iraq Study Group" not "ISG" or "Baker Commission" or "Baker Report"

Pat Tillman

Pat Tillman, Afghanistan, NFL, friendly fire, cover up, military, patriotism, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Ralph Kauzlarich, Gary Jones,

After Pat's brother Kevin publishs (Oct. 19 2006: Kevin Tillman joined the Army with his brother Pat in 2002, and they served together in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pat was killed in Afghanistan on April 22, 2004. Kevin, who was discharged in 2005, has written a powerful, must-read document.):
Iraq, Kevin Tillman, Osama bin Laden, New York Times, democracy, patriotism

Appeal for Redress and Liam Madden

- active duty service members in the orchestrated campaign to protest the administration's rationale for the 2003 invasion and the ongoing occupation.

COMMON TAGS: Liam Madden, whistleblower, Iraq, Appeal for Redress, military, Military Families Speak Out, Veterans for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War,
soldiers, dissent ~Halcyon 10/25/06 23:07 EDT

Income, Wages, Jobs, Employment, Class

These topics come up a lot, sometimes overlapping. Here is what I found trying to find good tags on some of these issues today. Listing only those with higher usage than others describing the same issues. Generally, diaries with any of these tags should also have the "economy" tag --SarahLee 15:21, 15 April 2007 (PDT)


middle class (146); class (102)(not sure all of these are non-education related); class warfare (126); working class (32); economic justice (37);


jobs (236); employee free choice (27); employment (110); unemployment (132); labor (820); unions (474);

Wages, Income, Money

wages (189); income inequality (26); minimum wage (384); living wage (50); corporate welfare (35); welfare (61); poverty (588); poor (66) (these should probably all be "poverty"; wealth (88); finance (58); money (238); savings (27);


income tax (22); tax cuts (234); tax policy (45); tax reform (38); taxes (641); estate tax (135); gas tax (34); IRS (145)
"taxpayers" exist, but only has about 12 entries as of 04-14-07

Names - People and Organizations

Names with only one tag - In cleaning up tags that have only one entry, I've worked on the premise that so long as I verify that the tag is spelled correctly and includes both a first and last name commonly used, and that another, already used tag for that same person does not exist, I am leaving it. We never know when a name will pop up again in the future and being able to see where they came up before could be helpful from a research point of view. Same for organizational names. I don't think there should be a time limit on this. This is different from how I manage other words used as tags one time. (~SarahLee)

Names should always be entered with proper capitalization and first and last names. Where there might be confusion as with the two President Bushes, then use middle initials. Example: George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush. Note that there should always be a period and space after each initial. (~sardonyx)

Please do not enter "bush" or "Bush" or "President Bush" as a tag.

Titles are NOT used in names since they can change over time. For example, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush have all been both Governor and President. These include regular titles like President, Governor, Senator, Reverend, and abbreviations like Gov., Sen., Rep., Rev., or Sec'y of State. You should, however, include Jr. or IV since it's a part of their name (and a way to distinguish ancestor from descendent), but do not use a comma before the Jr.; commas are tag separators, so they must be omitted here: "Martin Luther King Jr."

Keith Olbermann is the proper tag; watch for "Kieth" and "Olberman" (misspelled with one "n").

Presidential Administrations:
There are over 1200 entries for "Bush Administration".
This tag could become a problem in the future should some other member of the Bush family become president (like Jeb). Same could happen for "Clinton Administration". We need to develop different tags for referencing a President's entire administration (staff and cabinet).

More on Seperate Pages:

Politicians and political figures
The Bush Family
Government Offices and Committee Names
Political Organizations
Non-Political Organizations
News & Media organizations, Commentators, Blogs & bloggers
Famous People

Mark Foley Scandal

As of 04-14-07 there are three tags that have shown up to describe the Mark Foley page scandal:

As foleygate is the clear winner, I will add that to the Cleanup jobs page. --SarahLee 13:18, 14 April 2007 (PDT)

Other common tags (not all would be used in all diaries):
Mark Foley, ABC, Matthew Loraditch, Rodney Alexander, Tom Reynolds, Dennis Hastert, Tim Kennedy, Mike Stokke, Jeff Trandahl, John Shimkus, Dale Kildee, Shelley Moore Capito, Tampa Bay Times, Committee for Missing and Exploited Children, John Boehner, TOMPAC, Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006, Florida Republican Leadership PAC, ethics

Military Related

Use "Veterans Administration" not "VA" since sometimes VA is used alone incorrectly for "Virginia"

"PTSD" is used instead of spelling it out for "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" or "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder".

Padilla, Jose

Tags common to diaries discussing Jose Padilla - not all tags would be appropriate for all diaries and these are the tags in with the most frequent usage:

Jose Padilla, Al Qaeda, terrorism, terrorists, enemy combatants, Bush administration, Supreme Court, Samuel Alito, dirty bomb, habeas corpus, Guantanamo, Department of Justice, Paul Clement, Michael Luttig, tyranny, domestic surveillance, FISA, John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzales, KUBARK, Angela Hegarty

SCOTUS Decision re Hamdan v. Rumsfeld

NOTES: These were the most common terms found in diaries on this issue. The spelling and terminology listed are the correct ones for tagging - i.e. the ones that already have the most diary entries. Not all tags were used in every diary, but most referred to one or more of these. In the All Tags page, these are the terms with the most entries.

"Geneva Conventions" or "Geneva Convention" were mixed, but "Convention" without the "s" had the most use, so editors have been trying to change all of the diaries with "Conventions" to the singular.

applicable tags:

Ahmed Salim Hamdan, George W. Bush, Alberto Gonzales, John Paul Stevens, Clarence Thomas, Paul Clement, Neal Katyal, Antonin Scalia, Charles Swift, John Yoo, Donald Rumsfeld, Alexander Hamilton, Russ Feingold, Glenn Greenwald, Ed Lazarus,

Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, War Crimes Act, Geneva Convention, SCOTUS, Supreme Court, Bybee Torture Memo, Federalist Papers, Prize Cases

Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, ACLU v. Rumsfeld, Hamdi v. Rumsfeld, Quirin commission, Ex parte Quirin, FISA, Fourth Amendment, Constitution,

separation of powers, warrantless surveillance, war on terror, Presidential authority, enemy combatants, military tribunals, judicial activism

Note: Sardonyx 22:34, 18 February 2007 (PST) — it doesn't make sense to have "enemy combatants" here and "enemy combatant" cited under Jose Padilla. We should pick one form of the term and stick with it. Singular currently has 36 uses, while plural has 21, but these are close enough that we should decide which is most appropriate. I generally prefer plural: you're dealing with enemy combatants, even if the diary talks about a specific one.

Update: I agree that enemy combatants is the better tag and will start changing them over before we have another batch. CalifSherry May 1, 2007 2:21pm pst

Good catch - I changed it under Padilla as well. --SarahLee 09:49, 4 May 2007 (PDT)


This is a political blog, not a sports blog however we wind up with a good bit of commentary about sports teams. Most of the diaries just about games or teams should be tagged with:

"personal", "sports", and one of the following: football, hockey, baseball, etc.

Do NOT allow tags for individual teams - most of those are "one off" tags and are slowly being eliminated.

State of the Union Address

The most used tag for referring to The State of the Union address is SOTU with over 200 entries.

The year tag should also be entered as in "2007" --SarahLee 09:30, 21 January 2007 (PST)


USE Waterboarding not "water boarding", "water-boarding", or "waterboard"

U.S. Attorneys Purge Scandal

Reviewing the top tags out of 30 diaries on the issue, these seem to be the most used, common tags (not all terms (esp. names) would be appropriate for all diaries, but the first three under "terms" probably should be in all of them):

Common terms: U.S. Attorneys, scandal, Purge, Department of Justice, subpoena, oversight, Senate Judiciary Committee, House Judiciary Committee, Unitary Executive, constitutional crisis, executive privilege, Prosecutor Purge, Talking Points Memo

Common names: Alberto Gonzales, Karl Rove, Tony Snow, Kevin Ryan, Kyle Sampson, Robert J. Conrad, Paul Charlton, David Iglesias, Jack Abramoff, Scott Jennings, Henry Waxman, Patrick Leahy, Arlen Specter, James Comey, John Dean, Dana Milbank, Patrick Fitzgerald, Carol Lam, Darrell Issa, William Moschella, Duke Cunningham, Gerry Parsky, Harriet Miers, William Kelly, Frederick Black, Debra Wong Yang, Tom Colantuono, Chris Christie, David Huber, Margaret Chiara

obstruction of justice (17) seems to be a growing tag for the current scandal - I think we should leave it alone and watch for a while because if investigations go on, it could become a much larger issue. --SarahLee 07:52, 13 April 2007 (PDT)

See discussion about "Depatment of Justice" vs "Justice Department" on the discussion tab of this page. (move to keep this page cleaner)

Meta references (to DailyKos, dKosopedia, diaries, community)


"kos" has been used for both referencing the site and the man who owns it. All of those diaries tagged with "kos" need to be examined individually and changed to Daily Kos or Markos Moulitsas depending on what the diary is about.

Daily Kos (not DailyKos or DKos) for the site
Markos Moulitsas is the most used tag for the man


Kossacks for referring to members of the DailyKos community; not "Kossack" or "Kossak". However, do not change the "Ask A Kossak" tag, since that is the actual name of and tag for buhdydharma's diary series.

Front Pagers is for diaries discussing Front Pagers. Not 'FPer', 'FPers', 'Front Pager', 'Front Page Bloggers' or 'Front Page Posters'. Comes up annually during nominations for new Front Page writers.

There exist also Front Page (3), and Front Paged (9), which seems perhaps to be a tag that Markos appends to diaries that he promotes to the front page, but not consistently, as there should be more than nine. -Halcyon, 21:57 30 November, 2006


YearlyKos 2006, YearlyKos 2007
DO NOT use "YearlyKos" alone or in additon to a YearlyKos tag with year.

The "YearlyKos Auction" tag should be remapped to "YearlyKos Year" and "auction" as an individual tag. EX: "YearlyKos 2007, auction" --SarahLee 20:38, 14 April 2007 (PDT)

Do not allow a tag combining YearlyKos with the city where the convention is being held (I've killed a "YearlyKos Chicago" tag); the city should be a separate tag when it is appropriate to include it at all. — Sardonyx 22:34, 18 February 2007 (PST)

=Other "meta" type tags

Recommended - this is the tag for diaries that actually make the Recommended list.

Someone is adding a tag "Recommend" for diaries I guess they recommend. It has been found in "rescued" diaries and diaries that actually got Recommended and had that tag in them.
"Recommend" tags should generally be deleted.

jotter's daily report diaries are the quickest way of checking that diaries with the "Recommended" tag were actually diaries that made the Recommended List.

Top Comments - only for the diaries that list the top comments each day; see also this discussion:

Diaries that are mostly personal: Generally diaries that are, well personal, have one of the following tags: personal, rant or editorial

Which one kind of depends on the tone.

Meta should be reserved to diaries talking about the site itself.
I see it being used for what are also tagged as "community" type diaries - like "Saturday Morning Home Repair blogging". I think "community" is a correct tag - though the name for the series should be all that is needed for retrieval. --SarahLee 08:50, 28 October 2006 (PDT)

"community" is a tag that is generally assigned to special series diaries and semi-meta diaries that relate to the Daily Kos community.


Trolls and Troll Diary

trolls - used in diaries discussing trolls
troll diary - used for diaries believed to have been created BY a troll

Linking Templates

You can link from dKosopedia to tags on Daily Kos using one of two templates:

Diaries and stories tagged as
on Daily Kos:

most recent
most recs
front page

Diaries and stories tagged as
"James Carville"
on Daily Kos:

most recent
most recs
front page

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This page was last modified 14:59, 31 August 2008 by dKosopedia user SarahLee. Based on work by AlanF and wandabee and dKosopedia user(s) CalifSherry, Watercarrier4diogenes, RobLa, Sardonyx, Halcyon, Egmod and Arbortender. Content is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

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