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FOIA:Acronym lists

From dKosopedia



ABS - Automated Booking Station</dd>
ADM Church - Vice Admiral Church, Church Report ¹</dd>
AFOSI - Air Force Office of Special Investigations</dd>
AGC - Associated General Contractors of America</dd>
AGP - Abu Ghraib Prison</dd>
BAU - Behavorial Analysis Unit</dd>
BIF - Brigade Interrogation Facility</dd>
BOC - Base Operations Center</dd>
BOLO - Be On The Lookout</dd>
BSCT - Behavorial Science Consultation Team ("Biscuit")</dd>
CDC - Centers for Disease Control??</dd>
CEC - Civil Engineer Corp</dd>
CID - Criminal Investigative Division</dd>
CIRG - Critical Incident Response Group</dd>
CITF - Criminal Investigative Task Force</dd>
CJIS - Criminal Justice Information Services</dd>
CMU - Crisis Management Unit</dd>
CRM - Collection Requirements Management; Crew Resource Management</dd>
CSRT - Combatant Status Review Tribunal</dd>
CTD - Common Technical Document</dd>
DCN - Detainee Communications Network</dd>
DD - Defense Department (form)²</dd>
DIF - Division Internment Facility</dd>
DOSC - </dd>
DTF - Detainee Task Force</dd>
EC - Electronic Communication</dd>
EPW - Enemy Prisoners of War</dd>
FOUO - For Official Use Only</dd>
HRT - Hostage Rescue Team</dd>
HVD - High Value Detainee</dd>
IAFIS - Integrated Automated Booking System</dd>
IAW - In Accordance With</dd>
ICSJU - Indian Country Special Jurisdiction Unit</dd>
ISG - Iraqi Survey Group</dd>
JABS - Joint Automated Booking Station</dd>
JCS - Joint Chiefs of Staff  </dd>
JIIF - Joint Intelligence Interrogation Facility</dd>
JTF - Joint Task Force</dd>
JTF-GTMO - Joint Task Force/Guantanamo</dd>
LHM - Letterhead Memorandum</dd>
LEO - Law Enforcement Officer</dd>
MFR - Memoranda For Record</dd>
MWD - Military Working Dogs</dd>
NCIS - Naval Criminal Investigative Service ³</dd>
NJSA - National Joint Strategic Assessment</dd>
NYPD - (inferred) New York Police Department  </dd>
OARDEC - Office for the Administrative Review of the Detention of Enemy Combatants</dd>
OEF - Operation Enduring Freedom</dd>
OIF - Operation Iraqi Freedom</dd>
OFF - Oil for Food</dd>
OGA - Other Government Agency (eg. CIA)</dd>
OSD - Office of the Secretary of Defense</dd>
PENTBOMB - FBI Investigation of 9-11 events [Pentagon Bombing]</dd>
POJ - Pacific Ocean Japan</dd>
RFI - Rapid Fielding Initiative  </dd>
RFI - Request For Information  </dd>
SECDEF - Secretary of Defense  </dd>
SOP - Standard Operating Procedures</dd>
SOTF - Security Operations Training Facility (Ft. Bragg)</dd>
THF - Temporary Holding Facility</dd>
SJA - Staff Judge Advocate</dd>
SITREP - Situation Report</dd>
UC - may be short for UCMJ</dd>
UCMJ - Uniform Code of Military Justice</dd>
VBIED - Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device</dd>
WMD - Military Working Dogs</dd>


ASAC - Assistant Special Agent in Charge</dd>
ASAC - Aviation Security Advisory Committee</dd>
CD -</dd>
CID - Counter Intelligence Division</dd>
CID - Criminal Investigative Division</dd>
CRM - Criminal Division (?)</dd>
CTC - Counter Terrorist Center</dd>
CTD - Counter Terrorism Division</dd>
CSRT - Combat Status Review Tribunal</dd>
DD - Deputy Director</dd>
DO - </dd>
HPSCI - House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence</dd>
IA - Intelligence Analyst</dd>
INSD - Inspection Division</dd>
ITMS - Information Technology Management Section</dd>
ITOs - International Terrorist Organizations</dd>
ITOS - International Terrorisme Operations Section</dd>
MLDU - Military Liason and Detainee Unit</dd>
NCAVC - National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime</dd>
OCA - Office of Congressional Affairs</dd>
OGC - Office of General Counsel ¹ . Caproni, Valerie E</dd>
OIO - Office of International Operations</dd>
OLP - USDOJ: Office of Legal Policy</dd>
OPR - Office of Professional Responsibility</dd>
ORS - Operational Response Section (Frank Battle)</dd>
SA/LSSSA - Supervisory Special Agents</dd>
SC - Special Agent in Charge (?)</dd>
SDU - System's Development Unit</dd>
SSA - Supervisory Special Agent</dd>
SSRA - Supervisory Senior Resident Agent</dd>
TDY - Temporary Duty</dd>
TJ - TJ Harrington, Ass't DD-CTD</dd>
TICTU - FBI wiretap ²</dd>
UACB – Unless Advised to the Contrary by the Bureau</dd>
VCS - Violent Crimes Section</dd>
WF - Washington Field Office</dd>
WFO - Washington Field Office</dd>

¹ OGC - Office of General Counsel: this may not denote the FBI's Office. Specifically, it could refer to DOJ, DOD, and etc. Use your judgement from the context used.

² TICTU: Found only 2 refs for this, one was a technical writing sample which mentioned "acquisition strategies of information technology systems" in relation to the FBI. It may be a unit responsible for taps, the tap itself, or the intelligence gained from one. And there's this transcript:

AHMED ABDEL SATTAR, a/k/a "Abu Omar," a/k/a "Dr. Ahmed,"

18    understanding that before it's displayed to the jury, we'll
19    redact the sentence, the material that begins, the TICTU
20    THE COURT:  OK.  All right.  With that redaction
21    LS1022 received in evidence.

[emphasis added]

This FBI document - The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Efforts to Improve the Sharing of Intelligence and Other Information, Audit Report 04-10, December 2003 - was submitted to the US Department of Justice, which hosts it. The link provided here poits to the Table of of Contents. Two pages are here reproduced below as they are of direct consequence to this page. Please do not edit these directly (or else make it obvious that you've done so).

Counterterroism Division Organizational Chart

Assistant Director - Counterterroism Division
    Executive Staff
    Deputy Assistant Director CT Operations Branch

        Terrorist Financing Operations Section
            Radical Fundamentalist Financial Investigative Unit
            Domestic WMD and Global Financial Investigative Unit
            Global Extremist Financial Investigative Unit
            Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit

        Domestic Terrorism Operations Section
            Domestic Terrorism Operations Unit
            WMD Unconventional Threats Operations Unit
            Special Events Unit
            WMD Unconventional Threat Countermeasures Unit

        International Terrorism Operations Section I
            Regional Extraterritorial Unit
            Conus I
            Conus II

        International Terrorism Operations Section II
            Global Operations Unit
            Middle East Operations Unit
            Iran/Hizballah Unit

        Terrorism Reports and Requirements Section
            Reports Policy and Asset Vetting Unit
            Radical Fundamentalist Extremist Collection, Evaluation, Dissemination Unit
            Global Middle East Extremist Collection, Evaluation, Dissemination Unit
            WMD Unconventional Threat Collection, Evaluation, Dissemination Unit
            Domestice Collection, Evaluation, Dissemination Unit

    Deputy Assistant Director Operational Support Branch

        CT Administrative Resource Unit

        Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force

        FBI Detailees to Other Government Agencies

        CT Operational Response Section
            National Joint Terrorism Task Force
            Fly Away Rapid Deployment Team Unit
            Military Liaision & Detainee Unit

        National Threat Center Staff
            CT Watch Unit
            Terrorist Watch and Warning Unit
            Threat Monitoring Unit

    Deputy Assistant Director CT Analysis Branch

        Strategic Assessment and Analysis Unit

        Presidential Support Group

        Production and Publications Unit

        Counterterrorism Analysis Section
            Domestic Sunni Extremist Unit
            Shia/Middle East Analysis Unit
            Foreign Links/Global Targets Analysis Unit
            Domestic Terrorism Analysis Unit
            WMD and Emerging Weapons Threat Unit

        Communications Analysis Section
            Document Exploitation Unit
            Communications Analysis Unit
            Electronic Analysis Unit
            Digital Media Exploitation Unit

Note the 2 entries [CLASSIFIED INFORMATION REDACTED]. If you come across any FBI-specific acronyms/abbreviations which fit there alphabetically and wish to add them here, please make a note of it after the list.

Appendix 2 Abbreviations

ACS - Automated Case File System</dd>
BOLO - Be On The Lookout For</dd>
CIA - Central Intelligence Agency</dd>
CONUS - Continental United States</dd>
CTC - CIA Counterterrorist Center</dd>
CTD - Counterterrorism Division</dd>
DCI - Director of Central Intelligence</dd>
DCID - Director of Central Intelligence Directive</dd>
DHS - Department of Homeland Security</dd>
DOD - Department of Defense</dd>
DOJ - Department of Justice</dd>
DTOS - Domestic Terrorism Operations Section</dd>
EC - Electronic Communication</dd>
FISA - Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act</dd>
GAO - General Accounting Office</dd>
GS - General Schedule</dd>
IIR - Intelligence Information Reports</dd>
INS - Immigration and Naturalization Service</dd>
IT - Information Technology</dd>
ITOS - International Terrorism Operations Section</dd>
JTTF - Joint Terrorism Task Force</dd>
JWICS - Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System</dd>
LAN - Local Area Network</dd>
LEO - Law Enforcement Online</dd>
NCIC - National Crime Information Center</dd>
NJTTF - National Joint Terrorism Task Force</dd>
NLETS - National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System</dd>
NSA - National Security Agency</dd>
NTCS - National Threat Center Section</dd>
OCONUS - Outside Continental United States</dd>
OI - Office of Intelligence</dd>
OIG - Office of the Inspector General</dd>
OLEC - Office of Law Enforcement Coordination</dd>
OLP - Office of Legal Policy</dd>
ORCON - Originator Controlled</dd>
PDD - Presidential Decision Directive</dd>
PENTTBOM - Pentagon/Trade Towers Bombing Investigations</dd>
SAC - Senior Agent In Charge</dd>
SCI - Sensitive Compartmented Information</dd>
SCOPE - Secure Counterterrorism Operational Prototype Environment</dd>
SIOC - Strategic Information and Operations Center</dd>
SVTS - Secure Video Teleconferencing System</dd>
TFOS - Terrorist Financing Operations Section</dd>
TRRS - Terrorism Reports and Requirements Section</dd>
TS/SCI LAN - Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information Local Area Network</dd>
TTIC - Terrorist Threat Integration Center</dd>
WMD - Weapons of Mass Destruction</dd>


AUSA - Assistant US Attorney . Dana Biehl - Bruce Pagel</dd>
EDVA - Eastern District of Virginia [Terrorism and National Security Unit - US Attorney]</dd>
ODAG - Office of the Deputy Attorney General</dd>


ATF - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives</dd>
ATR - Antitrust Division</dd>
BOP - Federal Bureau of Prisons</dd>
CIV - Civil Division</dd>
COPS - Community Oriented Policing Services</dd>
CRM - Criminal Division</dd>
CRS - Community Relations Service</dd>
CRT - Civil Rights Division</dd>
DEA - Drug Enforcement Administration</dd>
EDVA - Eastern District of Virginia (Terrorism and National Security Unit - US Attorney)</dd>
ENRD - Environment and Natural Resources Division</dd>
EOIR - Executive Office for Immigration Review</dd>
FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation</dd>
FCSC - Foreign Claims Settlement Commission</dd>
JMD - Justice Management Division</dd>
NDIC - National Drug Intelligence Center</dd>
ODAG - Office of the Deputy Attorney General</dd>
OIG - Office of the Inspector General</dd>
OIP - Office of Information and Privacy</dd>
OIPL - Office of Intergovernmental and Public Liaison</dd>
OIPR - Office of Intelligence Policy and Review</dd>
OJP - Office of Justice Programs</dd>
OLC - Office of Legal Counsel</dd>
OLP - Office of Legal Policy</dd>
OPA - Office of the Pardon Attorney</dd>
OPR - Office of Professional Responsibility</dd>
OSG - Office of the Solicitor General</dd>
OTJ - Office of Tribal Justice</dd>
OVW - Office on Violence Against Women</dd>
PRAO - Professional Responsibility Advisory Office</dd>
TAX - Tax Division</dd>
USAO - U.S. Attorneys' Offices</dd>
USMS - U.S. Marshals Service</dd>
USPC - U.S. Parole Commission</dd>
USTP - U.S. Trustee Program</dd>


CENTCOM - Baghdad</dd>
SOUTHCOM - Miami, Florida</dd>
JTF GITMO - General Miller</dd>
IRAQ AGP - General Miller Oct-Nov 2003</dd>


ARNG Phoenix Arizona - </dd>
CAMP Bucca - </dd>
CAMP Slayer - </dd>
Detention Centra - </dd>
FlyAway Centra - </dd>
Fort Belvoir, Virginia - </dd>
Fort Bragg - </dd>
Interrogation Centra - </dd>
Medical Facilities and OR Theater - </dd>
Naval Consolidated Brig Charleston, SC - </dd>
St. Mere FOB Fallujah, Iraq - </dd>


Draft Concept for Utilization of Cooperating Source - </dd>


SC Frank Battle, SSA-CTD - "Supervisory Special Agent Frank Battle, Chief of the FBI Counter Terrorism Division's Operational Response Section, reviewed the FBI's involvement in homeland security operations in his presentation, Neutralizing National Security Threats in the US."
THE GLOBALHOMELAND: International Perspectives on Counterterrorism and Homeland Security, By Professor Bert Tussing, Center for Strategic Leadership, U.S. Army War College </dd>

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