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Andrew Sullivan

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Andrew Sullivan


Andrew Sullivan was born in South Godstone, Southern England in August, 1963. He graduated from Oxford in 1984 and went to work for an informal think-tank of Margaret Thatcher. In 1986 he moved to America and became a teacher and freelance writer, then from 1991-1996, the successful editor of the New Republic magazine. He has contributed columns and reviews to the New York Times (he was a major part of the attacks on Howell Raines before, during and after the Jayson Blair scandal), Time, the Sunday Times of London, the Advocate and various other publications. In 2001 he began the Andrew Sullivan blog, one of the widest-read conservative websites on the Internet. He is also a critically acclaimed author, frequent talk-show pundit, occasional actor, and one-time GAP jeans model.

An anguished Catholic and proud homosexual, Andrew is very different from such bloviators as Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage, but no less controversial. He claims to be a libertarian, not a Republican, but has vigorously supported the war in Iraq and much of Bush's agenda. He is an ardent critic of the theocratic wing of the GOP, but also has associations with such extremists as David Horowitz and the Washington Times. Andrew eloquently speaks in favor of same-gender marriage and advocated marriage equality over a decade before most voices in the gay community ever dreamed of such a possibility. Yet, he has had a number of ugly conflicts with Michelangelo Signorile and others in the liberal wing of the gay community over his various comments and personal practices on such topics as AIDS, steroids, and barebacking. Andrew is both extremely predictable and extremely difficult to categorize, which makes him one of the more frustrating and fascinating members of the right-wing throng.

Sullivan may also be counted among the long and growing list of Straussian scholars, having been a student of Harvey C. Mansfield, Jr..

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