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Chuck Harder

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Chuck Harder is a talk radio host of the program "For the People", which was popular in the 1990s. Chuck Harder's program has fallen on hard times since 2000 and although he is still broadcasting, is now only carried by a handful of stations. He once had his own radio network, the Peoples Radio Network (PRN), which had nonprofit status. Because he voiced strong opposition to the George H. W. Bush administration during the 1992 elections, the IRS launched an audit of PRN lasting several years.

His political views are eclectic and hard to pin down, mixing progressive and conservative views with wild abandon, sometimes on the same issue during the same program. He began his radio career as a consumer advocate and continues to this day to have Ralph Nader as a frequent guest on his show. He schedules guests from across the political spectrum. During the 1990s he got caught up in promoting conspiracy theories about Bill and Hillary Clinton. His most consistently progressive views are on trade policy, where he opposes NAFTA and the WTO and supports the antiglobalization movement. On social issues however he frequently diverges into right-wing positions, and despite generally supporting a non-interventionist foreign policy before 9/11 now frequently has guests from AIPAC and other Middle East policy hawks on his show. Because of his lack of political consistency he has never gained much of an audience among progressives except as a curiosity. The Nation magazine ran an article in 1995 slamming his show for bringing right-wing theorists on his show alongside progressives. More recently he has lost most of his conservative audience too as he is a harsh critic of the Bush administration, although not on foreign policy.

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