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Talk:Daily Kos Reading List

From dKosopedia

I used the format at Talk:List of progressive radio stations to create a table. The format of the table can be further refined, but of course it's best to do so before the table gets too big. -AlanF 17:26, 1 March 2010 (EST)

There is an extensive list of books at

I used a Perl script to reduce some of the initial work. It converts each line to this format:

|_lastname_, _firstname_

For example, the following line:

Eric Alterman Why we're liberals

needs to be converted to this:

|[[book:Why We're Liberals|Why We're Liberals]]
|Alterman, Eric
|Alterman describes the ideological basis for liberalism by referring to...

Filling in the blank spots in the table will require some research (e.g., looking up the copyright date for each book), generation of content (writing a description), and cleaning (since some lines in the original diary contain multiple books and some contain none).

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This page was last modified 04:36, 2 March 2010 by AlanF. Based on work by Patrick Draper. Content is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

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