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Code Words

Thanks for the improvements. But please don't mark anything as "when said by Republicans". That's the point about all of them.

I gather that you had a question about the groupthink definition. If so, let's discuss it on the Discussion page.

Also, take it easy on the atheists. I'm not one, but I have a lot of sympathy for them. It takes a lot of work to undo the damage done by some churches to their members.

Combat Vets

Hi Edwardsorobama, I hadn't deleted Jim Marshall's name to be petty, it was just a duplicate entry. He is also listed just under Joe Baca. --Corncam 13:30, 21 October 2007 (PDT)

One of tweo pages belonging to Willie Nelson

You can bet your ass this is a good idea

Great Quotes from youtube

"That's the problem with you conservatives and libertarians. You're really plutocrats - willing to take whatever laws the rich and powerful lobbyists can buy. No balls. Your lobbyist pals fought against your right to see and correct your OWN credit report, ferinstance! Can't you decide issues like that for yourself? If you sit back and wait for them to do you a favor, history shows it's a long wait - as in forever. Grow a pair! Be assertive!"

Quote from a genious

"You don't need to understand everything, and somethings being doesn't depend on your understanding it. Salvido Dali's paintings don't make sense to me but I enjoy them.


Well, if there were any doubt atheism is taking on the worst trappings of religion, a rather mean religion at that, this settles that. I hear a lot of atheists say they just want religion to leave them alone. This lot doesn't want that, obviously.

"Thr irony of the behavior is to reinforce the significance of baptism." That's true. Its like they're admitting baptism and god are real and significant and that they want nothing to do with them. That's the spooky brand of atheism imo. Thats really saying non serviam.

These people should call themselves antitheists, not atheists. Just like Satanists, they are defined by their relation to Christ. Thr irony of the behavior is to reinforce the significance of baptism. That Flying Spaghetti Monster really has a hold on them.

"That's the spooky brand of atheism...." One imagines in future one atheist questioning the validity of another atheist's non-baptism.

Seems kinda pointless. It legitimizes Baptism more then anything else. If you believe it's all a fairy tale, why do a ritual to exorcise yourself of it's influence? This smacks less of "I don't believe in religion" and more of "I hate Christianity."

Blah. What a waste of time. Pseudo athiests Y would an athiest need a ritual? Deep down they aren't athiests Stupid

If these people are atheist. That means that they believe there is no god? Right? So what is the use of a anti-baptism? If there is no god then the baptism is already null and void. It seems to me these people believe in another being called Satan. And that is the reason for renouncing Christ. I would bet money that if you researched these so called atheist you would find out that they are into some kind of new age, or Pagan religion.

Seems lately the atheists who are always proclaiming they don't give a rat's ass about religion of any kind and mock any belief in God have now turned their own disbelief in God into a bizarre "reverse-religion" of their own. If atheists truly believe there is no God, then why their fetish to have an oath to "debaptize" Christians? Why their need to put up mocking signs next to Nativity displays? Why do atheists even care? I'm beginning to think with many atheists now so fervently trying to squelch any and all belief in God it's perhaps a case of "Methinks he doth protest too much"? What are they afraid of? That there might really be a God? Why are atheists always fighting against someone's belief in a God they claim does not exist. What skin is it off their backs? Atheists are turning their disbelief in God into a rabid form of "anti-religion/anti-God" fundamentalism and ironically, by doing so, they've now acquired a "religion" of their own.

Why are atheists always fighting against someone's belief in a God they claim does not exist. Atheists are just as irritatingly evangelical as the most persistent sermonizer, constantly telling us about how their point of view is correct. But they do have a religion, just as concrete as any other, it just happens to shun traditional religion trappings in favor of crystals, Stephen Covey books, and P90X workouts. And they resent the fact that people who do believe in a higher being (whether one exists or not) have a place in themselves to go for comfort and solace. If He/She/It does happen to exist, the atheists want you fucked and sitting outside the gate right along with them.

Atheists, as least as they tend to present themselves on these pages, are angry people. Whatever the benefits of having no God, tranquility doesn't appear one of them.

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