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Talk:Happening Now

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I have a voting bot built. what kind of software help for this do you imagine.

I see something like a bot that watches your comments for keywords. e.g. you might say, @right now:current@ in a comment which would add that diary... you would want space for a description. You might later create a comment that says " @right now:recent@ or @right now:remove@ to change the status of that diary in your list... of course, you are not just linking diaries so what sort of automation would make this easier to maintain?

I next plan to do a couple things re software:

(1) use the voting bot to start sorting diaries for a DailyKos: The Book idea (you can see my diary on this if you're curious).

(2) create some software to allow going over memetank and other wiki articles using diaries. That is, a bot or person creates a diary and people deliberate the fate of the article through comments (supplying categories, etc)

(3) ... and secret plans... don't forget my secret plans?

see the featured article page for my tally... it's included via templates from this page MediaWiki:FeatArtTally which is posted by a bot that counts the votes from the candidates page. Pyrrho 02:30, 20 Jan 2005 (PST)

this is just a work area - ignore it. Headline Opportunities

what are the following?

Still in Play A pre-monition. Former Defense Secretary Zorro rides again!

Rapid response

Rapid response has fallen out of date by about a year! Republicans and their fellow travelers are saying some nasty things about Obama such as claiming that "Barack" and well as "Hussein" imply that he is a Muslim, and then they imply that if he is a Muslim he is likely to be a terrorist sympathizer. The answer is easy, see p0m 18:20, 28 April 2008 (PDT)

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