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Increased the number of abortions

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Republican controlled government leads to more abortions, not less.

During the Reagan and Bush Sr. presidency the abortion rate per pregnancy was much higher than during the Clinton presidency. In the 1980's the Republican leadership did nothing while over 25% of pregnancies ended in abortion. In the 1990's the Clinton presidency oversaw the abortion rate go down to just over 20%. The Reagan and Bush leadership failed and the result was a high of 1.6 million abortions per year under their leadership.

Republicans cannot blame anyone else for their failures in abortion policies. In Kansas, for example, where the Republicans control nearly every facet of Kansas government abortions are more common than ever. From 1990 to 1996 the Kansas abortion rates skyrocketed by over 15% as abortion rates declined in the rest of the country by over 5%.

Republican policy is hopelessly outdated. Over the last two decades the Republican focus has been on using the court system to control availability to abortion facilities. In the meantime progressive alternatives to abortion have been delivered across the country. Progressive solutions include providing services to poor teenagers to address basic social and economic problems or creating Pregnancy Centers in poor areas.

Where the Republicans have completely failed is in understanding that there is new technology that will change the abortion debate forever. Pharmaceutical abortions are set to replace existing methods of abortion and these pills will be easily be made available from other countries. These new drugs such as RU-486 will be immune to laws that any republican government put forth as a solution to reducing abortions.

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