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Jean Schmidt

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Jean Schmidt aka 'Mean Jean' is the Republican Representative for Ohio's Second Congressional district.


Cut and Run Clown

In a November 19, 2005 debate on the Republican War in Iraq a floor of the U.S. House of Representatives Schmidt appeared in a clownish red, white, and blue dress (with white stars) and denounced opponents by saying: "Cowards cut and run." Challenged with the disciplinary chamber's procedure referred to as having her "words taken down," Schmidt offered to withdraw her words. They were withdrawn. In effect then, Schmidt 'cut and ran' during the debate. Source: C-Span Coverage, November 19, 2005. See also the video coverage Schmidt's Shame

In an interview with the The Enquirer editorial board reported in a November 24, 2005 article in that news source, Schmidt dared to draw the historical analogy between Iraq and Vietnam but then reached an absurd conclusion. Schmidt said she does not think Congress should be debating whether the Iraq war was justified. "I'm not sure whether Congress should have a national debate on whether we should be there or not," she said. "We did that in Vietnam, and it really demoralized the troops." Politician Schmidt's obsessive focus on press coverage prevents her from understanding that it is the nature of the war itself and not the press coverage that undermines troop morale. Her ignorance of conditions in modern warfare also makes her overestimate the importance of troop morale. In the same interview Schmidt said that she may visit Iraq in January as part of Congressional delegation to engage in some very well protected patriotic posturing.


Schmidt joined several other Republican candidates in submitting a party-supplied op-ed under her own name. (Source: Plagiarism in OH-02 (Schmidt), OH-15 (Pryce), in MO-06 (Graves) Not dishonesty, Sincere Sockpuppetry)

Nuclear Waste

Schmidt supports storing radioactive waste at the former Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion plant near Piketon. "Schmidt said she sees potential to create 'hundreds, maybe thousands of jobs'." - Schmidt considers nuke waste, by Howard Wilkinson, Cincinatti Enquirer, Oct. 29, 2006.

Walter Reed

After visiting the Army's Walter Reed Hospital, Schidmt said "I found the situation at Walter Reed to be overblown by both politicians and the media." (Source: Schmidt: Scandal 'overblown', Cinicinnati Enquirer, March 20, 2007).


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