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You would be correct. I do not care for Howard Stern. He is pretty offensive.

I was at the Obama rally today. I am truly inspired by this man who brings new ideas, and hope to our nation. The crowd there today does know who he is, what he stands for, and why they are going to vote for him and Joe Biden.



Please...explain your thinking...because personally this man terrifies me. I agree he has been drawing unbelievably huge crowds and creating remarkable emotional enthusiasm. I know he is a very polished speaker. The amount of money he has been able to raise to support his campaign is unfathomable to me. He has an uncanny ability to influence the masses, and stir them to action. And, maybe that would be a good character trait for our president...if we could trust that his intentions were genuine. But, it seems an awful lot like what Plato warned us about when he discussed the cyclical nature of politics. If you recall from college studies in philosophy. Plato explained how societies move thru the stages: first republics (just as our constitution determined our society) a government where not every individual vote determines our president but rather a representative (the electoral college) we vote then our cumulative majority vote is cast by our representative. Where we elect representatives at various levels with checks and balances. We then are represented by Judicial, Executive, Legislative branches of government. All designed to protect our freedoms and fair representation. When societies become frustrated with this system they migrate to a Democracy. As you are aware...most Americans believe that we live in a democracy. That word is incorrectly tossed around a lot. By everyone in all parties. In a true Democracy which is not what our constitution set up, is where each individual vote is counted directly. There is no system of representation. It is simply majority rule. It is a liberal philosophy. With no protection of checks or balance. It sounds pretty good...but in reality, it leads to chaos. Because, it leaves an opening for anarchy. As Plato explains it, the masses become disillusioned, dissatisfied, economies begin to fail, poverty rises up, etc. sound familiar? Then, society becomes vulnerable. Vulnerable in that everyone is looking for a "Savior" someone to "Fix" everything. Society is ripe to accept someone who is appealing, with rhetoric and propaganda that appeals and inspires the masses. According to Plato, this is a man who has a great deal of charisma and is able to draw support to himself "like flies to feces", Plato. This is a man who is only interested in growing his own power and control. He will stop at nothing in his efforts to become a dictator. This is Plato's definition of a "Tyrant" and the final stage of the political cycle is Tyranny.

With that in mind. Why won't he turn over his records and documents from his earlier days? College records and thesis? Why doesn't he just clear up the court battle regarding his birth certificate by just turning it over to the courts. Why does he have two birth certificates. One from Hawaii and the other from Africa? Why is his fathers name different on each of those birth Certs? Why does he have three names on one and four names on the other. Osama Hussein Mohammad Obama. On the one from Africa, where he went to grade school. He is a Junior (same name as his Arab father). What about all his affiliations with so many various terrorists both local and foreign He has tried desperately to disassociate himself, but there is no deigning the ongoing support he has received from them and given to them. After all, it was terrorist that got him into and paid for his years at Harvard. And, what do you think of the Hamas leaders who are supporting his efforts to become president? These are not all lies and negative campaigning...but, documented facts. And it goes on and on and on. He could not even pass a top secret level security screening on the same level as my husband has and many want to hire him to be our Commander and Chief? He has no military experience. No diplomatic experience. He has never been CEO of any company large or small. He has no experience managing a budget or bottom-line Yet, so many are so willing to believe he is capable of managing our national budget? On what grounds is he qualified?

Does it make a man qualified to be president because he has charisma and the "gift of rhetoric"; That he has the ability to move masses of people by repeating cliché's of just what they want to hear.

Do you really want a president who will have a majority with him in the house and senate with the goals of raising taxes, bigger government, uncontrolled spending. Do you really want a president who will put small business out of business, discourage large corporations from investing in our country and eliminate the free job markets as we know them thus, destroy our economy. Do you really believe that he cares about the poor and will do anything to help them? I don't. I think he cares about himself and his own power. I think the results of his plans will in fact create a larger economic divide of "Haves" and "Have not's". All of the benefits of his plans will go to the "Democratic Elite" and the "Poor Democrats" will just get poorer and more desperate. The government will control and decide who gets what, like health care; and he will control the government.

If you disagree, which I would not be surprised about; then, change my mind...with facts. Please, if I am wrong...prove it to me. I am willing to listen. I have been listening and researching...but alas...I have found no "facts" or even valid arguments against what I have mentioned here. I have however, found many other rumors that if they were true would also be bad...but without facts to back them up, I give them no credence.

Anxiously awaiting your reply

And while listening...keep in mind...these are the people who are voting. Maybe several times. Lorraine Kurpis


I cant find my cat.

Can't find your cat?

Look behind your cloths dryer. That's where I found mine. He was missing for 24 hours when I first adopted him. Also, it is worth getting a microchip to identify pets who get outside. Our local animal shelter does them and I think its free. Not sure about the free part. Lorraine

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