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Meta dKos

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This page needs to be cleaned up


Link to Kos blessings for this project: Here and Specifically Here with encouragement to combine multiple efforts here.

Links between dKos and dKosopedia

--wegerje 12:56, 28 Apr 2004 (PDT) Some Questions:

  1. Is there a way to (would we want to) auto enroll some subset of the current dKos community?
  2. How do we establish links from the dKos pages to here?
  3. Is Kos willing to put a link on the Main Right Top menu?
  4. Can there be an auto-link from the dKos users page to their user page here?
  5. Auto cross link between regestered name here and dKos user page?

--Centerfielder 16:44, 28 Apr 2004 (PDT)

  1. I offered to preregister guest bloggers if Kos wanted, but he hasn't gotten back to me.
  2. I'm not sure what you mean.
  3. Again, that's a Kos call; let's see what he does after his vacation.
  4. Hmmm. I guess I (or someone) could write some code that checks for the existence of "" and adds a link to it on User:Username instantiation. There's certainly nothing preventing someone from adding the link themselves ( also works, I think).
  5. Adding a link automatically is also possible the other way, I guess, for a perl jock with access to Kos' Scoop code. A link under "homepage" on the "User Info" page would be nice...

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