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Hi there. I'm researching for a diary, an outline/draft of which appears below. I'm interested in hearing well-reasoned and well-sourced anecdotes both for and opposed to the thesis (please feel free to add information to this page!). My goal is to craft a constructive diary which is not a "Kos is a pig" hit piece, but instead is a catalyst for greater awareness and improvement.


Sexism at Daily Kos

Part 1: The Words


We can't divine the motivation behind someone's words, and so what we judge as "sexist" is a post-hoc assessment of someone's words and actions. I've tried to assess this fairly.

Incidents supporting the premise:

Incidents rebutting the premise:

Other relevant incidents:

Part 2: The People

I'd like to get women (and men) to testify about how they perceive the environment here at Daily KOS. We've had a number of members leave over various incidents, for example, and if they could help pinpoint what led them to no longer feel safe or comfortable here, that'd be revealing in a way that the analysis of specific posts in Part 1 isn't.

MSOC is an obvious candidate to be interviewed; Ann Althouse has had some things to say on the subject in her blog. Who else? Big Tent Democrat? Jerome Armstrong? Jen from Feministing? Cindy Sheehan?

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