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User talk:Patrioticliberal

From dKosopedia

PL, thank you for the spam rvts. Would make sense to me for Centerfielder to make you a bureaucrat too but I'm reluctant to make too many major decisiosn too quickly. What do you think should be the next featured article? -Bart

Ok Bart. I hope that it's upgraded too, as you'll notice by the latest spam entry by "jopan" i believe. I'm a trusted user on kos and I would be happy to help keep this up and going. In addition, I just got rid of "Jopan"'s spam. - PL

DRolfe 04:53, 7 Aug 2005 (PDT) - I've replied to your query at my talk page.

Outdated information

Here is an example of an outdated diary. HOW do we get things updated? There's no mention, for example, of John Conyer's book about Ohio irregularities; and some of the information is stated as "current" when it is no longer current information.

DRolfe 16:53, 4 Aug 2005 (PDT) - Oh, you could also consider emailing the primary authors of the articles with a friendly reminder to finalize the articles for the ages. Email this user links are at the bottom of of the user pages. Just check the article histories to see who is majorly responsible for an article.

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