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Public Health

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Most spending on Health Care in the United States views health care as a private consumer good. If you break you leg, you pay a doctor to have your problem fixed.

But, this is not the only approach to health care. Health care can also be viewed from the perspective of the systems we put in place as a society as a whole. Despite the fact that Public Health measures are among the least expensive part of modern health care, the bulk of the increased life expectency, improved infant mortality rates, and major reductions in disease in the United States are attributable to public health measures, rather than an increased quality of private care. For example:

Much of the extent to which the United States lags behind other developed nations in life expectency, infant mortality and other common measures of societal health are a result of an underinvestment in public health. Most recently, the United States's inadequate public health commitment has been evidenced by a shortage of Flu vaccine.

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