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RonK Seattle

From dKosopedia

RonK, Seattle is the pseudonym of a political blogger who commented on Slate's The Fray before founding his own blog Cogent Provocateur on March 4, 2002; it ran through April 23, 2003, fewer than two weeks after he became a guest blogger on Daily Kos. He also blogged for The Next Hurrah during its first year, posting from May 2005 through February 2006.


RonK, Seattle on Daily Kos

RonK's first comment on Daily Kos was on October 16, 2002, responding to Markos's story N.Korea has nukes. Where's the saber-rattling? The comment thread link to that post is here, and his comment was signed RonK, Seattle. Later, when Daily Kos changed platforms from Movable Type to Scoop, his account name was RonK Seattle without the comma, as Scoop doesn't allow commas in usernames.

Posted Comments

He made single comments three more times in October. On November 5 he was back with comments to three posts, and three days later wrote five comments to each of two posts that day. He wrote with increasing frequency in the following months, missing only three days in January 2003.

A list of links to RonK's Daily Kos comments can be found on the RonK Seattle Comments page; eventually, this page should have a complete list of all comment threads that RonK contributed to.

Guest Posting

On April 11, 2003, Markos went out of town for the second time that month, and announced in the morning's Open Thread that RonK would be joining Steve Gilliard in posting while Markos was away, Billmon having just left to start his own blog.

RonK continued guest posting into October (Steve left to found his own blog in August), writing a total of 60 posts in a six-month period, and ending his tenure when Daily Kos converted from using Movable Type to using Scoop between October 13 and October 15, 2002. He was joined by Meteor Blades and DHinMI on September 18; they continued for another year on the new Scoop site.

A list of links to all of RonK's Daily Kos front-page posts can be found on the RonK Seattle Posts page.

RonK, Seattle's Other Writing

In RonK's first post on his solo blog, Cogent Provocateur, on March 4, 2002, Welcome to the Cogent Provocateur (at the bottom of the page), his first post concludes by saying

This launch would be incomplete without a salute to Slate's factious, fractious forum The Fray, to Frayster compatriots Tony Adragna and Will Vehrs at QuasiPundit, and to the prolific pioneer Glenn Reynolds at InstaPundit.

Note: as QuasiPundit's URL is no longer functional, it has been revised here to point to the entry for that site from the Internet Archive dated a few weeks before Cogent Provocateur was founded.

The final Cogent Provocateur post was written on April 23, 2003; that post was greatly condensed and posted on Daily Kos the following day.

Two years later on May 15, 2005, RonK wrote his first post for the recently-founded group blog The Next Hurrah, joining past Daily Kos co-guest-bloggers Meteor Blades, DHinMI, Trapper John, and DemFromCT, plus later DKos front-pagers Plutonium Page and Kagro X. He continued posting until February 24, 2006, the day following the blog's first anniversary.

He continues to comment at a number of different blogs, including Seattle-area blogs. His signature remains "RonK, Seattle", except when a blog's software prevents using the comma.

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