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See Tag Guidelines, dKos:Tags or Kos:Tags for a better way of marking stories and diaries with Categories. To help edit tags, see: Tag Editors Workspace

As quoted from Markos, owner of DailyKos:

The big thing to keep in mind when tagging -- they are a search tool. What do people search for? Issues, people, and races. Tags should ALWAYS address one of those three.

  1. Use combinations of simple tags rather than inventing complex ones.
  2. Try to think of what tags people might use to search for something and use those. Remember, tags are like categories. And people don't search for "humor" or "satire". They search for issues, races, and people.
  3. Try to re-use existing tags.
  4. Keep it simple. Don't use tags that are redundant.
  5. For election blogging, add the year, state and office. So the Colorado governor's race in 2006 is tagged: "2006, governor, Colorado". Also add the dKos-style abbreviation of the race (two digit state abbreviation and race). So a governor's race would be "CA-Gov", a Senate race "CA-Sen", and a congressional race would be "CA-06".
  6. Stop with the "cutesy" tags. This is a tool to help organize content, not show how clever you are with keywords like "HUNTERRIFIC" to express how great Hunter's diary was.
  7. '/' characters are not allowed in tags, and will be converted to '-'.
  8. When using a person's name as a tag, use both their first and last name. If there is an ambiguity, include middle initials. For example, don't use the Bush tag; use either the George W. Bush tag or the George H. W. Bush tag depending on whether the diary refers to the current President or his father.
  9. When posting a diary that is primarily about, or in reaction to, a story from a conventional media outlet, include the name of the outlet, e.g. New York Times. This will help cut down on the number of repetitive diaries covering the same "breaking" story.
Tags categorize pages not links. Some wikis support typed links and some help users by treating different kinds of semantic links differently.

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