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Teens hooked on heroin

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Teens On Heroin

Every year, more and more teens are turning to heroin and other drugs. We see them: once they were normal, happy, free-spirited kids living their lives to the fullest; now they are struggling with the addiction that plagues them, always wanting more of the drug, relying on the moments of bliss it gives them with each snort, each prick of the syringe. We see them and wonder why they are choosing to ruin their lives instead of taking advantage of their youth, the talents and capabilities endowed upon them that can makes ripples of change in the world.

Moreover, when they get hooked on heroin or other drugs for that matter, it is not only their own lives that they are changing. For them, heroin is bliss, comfort, escape. For the ones around them-- their families and friends-- they have to deal with the agony of losing a loved one to the effects of the drug. Seeing a teen go from being placid and agreeable to unpredictable and violent is something that his loved ones have to go through with each day. It is not only the drug addict that suffers but the people close to him as well.

The Question: Why?

The families and friends who have to deal with seeing their loved one turn into a heroin addict will most likely ask themselves why. In truth, there is no one reason for teens turning into heroin addicts. It is different with every individual. There could very well have been a variety of factors that have caused a teen to try heroin. No matter how addictive heroin is, it still would not have an effect upon a person unless that person chooses to try it. Therefore, what leads one to have his first taste of heroin is what gives heroin the chance to get him addicted.

We all know how vulnerable and easily swayed teens are. There are teens who have chosen to try heroin because of peer pressure and the desire to belong. It could also be one's inability to cope with daily problems that pushed him to try the drug. Having a broken family or experiencing the death of a loved one could also be reasons.

Room For Change

If you want to prevent a teenager from trying heroin, keeping a close relationship with him will be of much help. However, if you already are putting through your heroin-addicted child or friend, do not lose hope as there are still ways to help him or her recover. One is addiction treatment. Putting a teen in rehab would be the best way to help him deal with his predicament.

However, it can be hard for some teens to accept that they really have a problem. In cases like this, his family and friends need to be there for him to offer support and gently steer him to the right path. With much love and understanding, a teen could find himself breaking away from the drug because he would no longer need it as a superficial source of happiness.


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