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MetaDkos: WYFP

From dKosopedia

Oh children, sit down and let me explain that, no, Anderson Republican, you didn't steal WYFP from ElizabethD.

Now I cannot tell you the twisting roads by which it became hers, and please take no offense, I am assured ElizabethD came to it by legitimate and honorable means. One suspects, due to the Curse of WYFP that it's been at some cost, or else she is a very strong soul. I cannot tell you that for the most recent thing this old memory can remember was that Theoria was blog-killed by Theoria's so called "real" self, and Pastor Dan resurected WYFP. My short and medium term memory may be shot, but I can still tell you youngin's the real origin of WYFP.

Once upon a time there was a man so funny we thought he must be a woman. He was that fucking funny. And he took pictures like this so we really liked him, except for those of us that thought he was a sexist bastard. He was a great character, and underneath an irreverence, the vulnerable sensibilities of the liberal man.

He went on the front page when Meteor Blades was ill for a while and Meteor Blades himself selected him as a replacement (I swear kos was like "wtf?!"). He traveled to the RNC, and I had just subscribed to his diary, before then it hadn't been necessary, you could page back through a days diaries easily enough if I recall. But there would never be a diary there again. I still have it in my subscriptions.

His name was Theoria. It still is. And he blogs, sometimes, I think still, at at liberal street fighter, which he co-founded. He went to the RNC, though a wingnut tried to screw him over by pretending to give him a place to stay.

Theoria posted the original What's Your Fucking Problem.

God Bless Theoria. A moment of raucus noise in memorium of the theoria we knew.

WYFP history post theoria:

the original!!!:

pre-divorce thoughts:

mcjoan on theoria's missing:

and a pic:

nonpartisan on theoria missing:

the asshole responds, guy tries to screw theoria on his trip plans:

em dash asking theoria about the perfect man:

pastor dan's first:

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