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Airbus A380

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As the European Union continues the struggle to challenge American economic superiority on the global stage, one of the fronts on which this fight is being waged is the aviation industry. In April 2005, the European jetliner Airbus launched the A380, the world's largest passenger plane at 308 tons. The A380 has a range of 8,000 nautical miles and can seat 555 passengers in four aisles. The huge airplane departed on its maiden flight in late April from the French city of Toulouse and spent several hours cruising above the town and surrounding area, all the while sending back information about the flight from onboard instruments. Nearly 30,000 spectators watched the historic takeoff, flight, and landing.

The significance of the A380 lies in Airbus's battle with the American aviator Boeing, whose 747 has established itself as the premier jumbo jet on the market. In response to Airbus's move, Boeing is working on a new aircraft called the 787 Dreamliner and looking to expand the seating of the 747 to accommodate 450 people. Since Airbus went over budget in the creation of the A380, it is banking on its new aircraft to be the company's flagship plane of the future.

Many European leaders praised Airbus and the success of its new plane. French president Jacques Chirac called the maiden flight "a total success." He went on to say, "It is a magnificent result for European industrial cooperation and an encouragement to pursue this path of building a Europe of innovation and progress." Guenter Verheugen, the European Union's industry commissioner, said, "This 'Super-Airbus' proves that cooperation with the E.U. pays off." It is clear that European leaders are excited not only about the success of the A380, but also about the promise of greater economic success that this seems to hold for Europe.


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