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DailyKos History

From dKosopedia

The internet blog Daily Kos was created by Markos Moulitsas Zúniga on May 26, 2002. Its focus is on political analysis, helping the electoral fortunes of the Democratic Party, and activism for left-of-center causes.


Basic Outline

A brief outline of the history of the Daily Kos blog and website can be found on the DailyKos page.

Purpose of this page

This page has been created to link to articles about the history of Daily Kos.

Eventually, many of these articles will reside here on the dKosopedia. Some will be based on diaries that were originally written for the Daily Kos website (the current Scoop-based incarnation). Some will link directly to diaries or comments there, or on the earlier archived Movable Type site.

Some articles

Partial Timeline

Other Resources

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