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List of Left-wing articles critical of Obama

From dKosopedia

See also, Possible Reasons why they Criticize Obama Most recent first.

Date (YYYYMMDD) Article Author Publisher
2009/03 The Obama Myth Begins to Fade Joe Auciello Socialist Action
2009/03/21 A capitalist stooge writes SPGB Socialism or your money back
2009/03/15 Obama's No Socialist: I Should Know Billy Wharton Washington Post
2009/03/08 If Only Obama Were as Radical as They Say E.J. Dionne Truthdig
2009/03/05 Obama's Stimulus Plan is Only Half a Loaf Steven Hill Eat the State
2009/02 Iraq: will Obama’s ‘change’ be more of the same? Proletarian
2009/02 Elections 2008 & Obama's "Vision" Noam Chomsky ZMag
2009/02/21 Barack Obama Administration Continues US Military Global Dominance Peter Phillips ZMag
2009/02/20 Obama and the Counterinsurgency Era Anthony Fenton ZMag
2009/02/20 Israel in the White House Further Left Forum
2009/02/18 No, We Can't All Get Along: On Lincoln, Obama, and Dysfunctional Conflict Avoidance Paul Street ZMag
2009/02/18 Obama's War? Katrina Vanden Heuvel The Nation
2009/02/18 The Obama Presidency; “Someone new to disappoint you?” PR
2009/02/17 Obama: Imperialism with a Human Face Tariq Ali ZMag
2009/02/16 Obama's Caterpillar Visit a Thumb in the Eye for Human Rights Activists Stephen Zunes AlterNet
2009/02/11 The Stimulus Imbroglio: What Obama Might Have Learned from Chávez and Populist-Style Mobilization Nikolas Kozloff ZMag
2009/02/11 Obama Backslides on 'State Secrets' David Cole The Nation
2009/02/10 Obama: Plus ça change Ian Sinclair The Morning Star
2009/01 The New US President and Suckers International Ltd. ICP
2009/01 Obama: No real change John Bissett Socialist Standard
2009/01/29 Obama's program of war James Cogan WSWS
2009/01/29 For Palestinians, Obama’s Message is Crystal Clear Ramzy Baroud Dissident Voice
2009/01/27 Chomsky (No Change Coming with Obama Noam Chomsky ZMag
2009/01/24 Obama’s Executive Orders Fall Short of Stopping War Crimes Michael Haas GWB, WC
2009/01/14 America Elects its First Black President: Is the Dream Fulfilled? Eljeer Hawkins Socialist Alternative
2009/01/09 Obama’s stimulus plan: Another windfall for big business Barry Grey WSWS
2009/01/08 Obama prepares sweeping cuts in social programs Patrick Martin WSWS
2009/01/08 Obama inauguration: The rich and famous throw a $45 million party Tom Eley WSWS
2008 after the election
2008/12/23 Obama, the military and the threat of dictatorship Bill Van Auken WSWS
2008/12/19 Obama picks Wall Street insider to head main regulatory agency Patrick Martin WSWS
2008/12/19 Obama, in a ‘slap in the face,’ invites right-wing evangelist to the inauguration David Walsh WSWS
2008/12/18 Obama names more cabinet secretaries—a continued march to the right Bill Van Auken WSWS
2008/12/17 Praise from Cheney for Obama’s national security team Bill Van Auken WSWS
2008/12/16 Obama’s defence appointee signals continuing US belligerence Peter Symonds WSWS
2008/12/16 Intro to Obamanomics Alan Maass Socialist Worker
2008/12/16 Obama’s defence appointee signals continuing US belligerence Peter Symonds WSWS
2008/12/15 Barack Obama: Bourgeois Savior, Middle Class Messiah Internationalist Workers Group
2008/12/15 From change to continuity John Pilger Socialist Worker
2008/12/13 US military prepares for Obama’s expansion of Afghan war James Cogan WSWS
2008/12/12 Obama's gathering of hawks Lance Selfa Socialist Worker
2008/12/10 Socialism Is No Longer a Dirty Word The Nation
2008/12/06 Buyer beware! Obama named “Marketer of the Year” Tom Eley WSWS
2008/12/02 Is this where change will come from? Socialist Worker
2008/11 An Anarchist Perspective on the 2008 Election NEFAC
2008/11? Some Thoughts on Obama (315Kb) Christopher Z. Hobson UtopianMag
2008/11/28 Who is Paul Volcker? Obama appoints a longtime enemy of the working class Patrick Martin WSWS
2008/11/28 After the Party comes the Hangover Revo
2008/11/28 Centrism Leads Nowhere George Kenney Electric Politics
2008/11/27 Orbiting Planet Obama Ted North Weekly Worker
2008/11/27 Obama: Illusions and Reality Socialism Today Socialist Alternative
2008/11/17 The black “insiders” and the Obama administration Lawrence Porter WSWS
2008/11/13 Obamania Weekly Worker
2008/11/11 One week since the election of Obama WSWS
2008/11/10 Guardian journalist on Obama’s election: An “armed insurrection” averted Chris Marsden WSWS
2008/11/08 USA: Obamania at the universities Permanent Revolution
2008/11/08 Obama reassures big business on economic policy Patrick Martin WSWS
2008/11/07 Obama: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss LibCom
2008/11/06 Obama wins but will he bring change? Ian Sinclair LibCom
2008/11/06 Class divisions begin to emerge in Obama coalition Jerry White WSWS
2008/11/05 US elections: Welcome to the "School of the Democrats" John Peterson SA
2008 before the election
2008/11/01 Whoever Wins US Election, Policy in “War on Terror” Unlikely to Change Jeremy R. Hammond Infoshop
2008/11/01 Obama begins to “lower expectations” for a Democratic White House Patrick Martin WSWS
2008/10/31 Is Obama really a radical at heart? Lance Selfa Socialist Worker
2008/10 Ballyhoo and baloney Michael Schauerte Socialist Standard
2008/09/13 Is Obama a Socialist
2008/10/20 Colin Powell endorses Obama Barry Grey WSWS
2008/10/19 McCain calls Obama a socialist John Amato Crooks and Liars
2008/10/22 World Without Wages Socialism or your money back
2008/10/22 Sarah Palin and the Socialist The Nation
2008/10/20 Socialists say Obama No Socialist Chicago Tribune
2008/10/17 A political farce, not a debate Patrick Martin WSWS
2008/10/06 Obama and McCain agree on Wall Street bailout and war Patrick Martin WSWS
2008/10/09 Obama, McCain offer platitudes in the face of an economic disaster Patrick Martin WSWS
2008/09/29 The Obama-McCain debate: Right-wing politicians agree on bailout and militarism Patrick Martin WSWS
2008/08/25 Chasing the Obama mirage Lance Selfa Socialist Worker
2008/07/25 Obama promotes wider war in Afghanistan: Another presidential race between pro-war candidates Jerry White WSWS
2008/10 Politics of change or politics as usual? Lance Selfa International Socialist Review
2008/10 Can the Left take over the Democratic Party? No! Lance Selfa International Socialist Review
2008/10/16 Why won't Obama back a real jobs plan? Socialist Worker
2008/10/09 Who would Obama put first? Lance Selfa Socialist Worker
2008/10/05 The Obama Phenomenon Paul Street ZMag
2008/10/16 VOTE NADER IN AN OBAMA LANDSLIDE Socialist Unity
2008/09/30 Oppose Obama? How dare you! Joshua Frank Socialist Worker
2008/09/29 Why won't Obama go for the knockout? Lance Selfa Socialist Worker
2008/09/11 Does Obama have answers? Lance Selfa Socialist Worker
2008/08/28 Capitalism with a human face Jim Creegan Weekly Worker
2008/08/20 Candidates for Sale Matt Taibbi Rolling Stone
2008/08/07 Obama and the Empire by William Blum William Blum Counterpunch
2008/08/06 Barack Obama in Berlin: "Send more troops!" Wladek Flakin Permanent Revolution
2008/08/04 Obama joins the club Ramzy Baroud ZMag
2008/07 US elections - is real change coming? Gary Younge International Socialist Journal
2008/07/31 What will an Obama Presidency bring? Carl Finamore ZMag
2008/07/27 Where Obamaism seems to be going Adolph Reed ZMag
2008/7/25 Europe's Obama cheers ring hollow in the Middle East Jonathan Steele The Guardian
2008/07/24 Barack Obama campaign: American workers need their own party Sacha Ismail Workers' Liberty
2008/07/23 What Obama missed in the Middle East Ali Abunimah The Guardian
2008/07/23 Fudging the issue with cliches Salam Al-Mahadin The Guardian
2008/07/20 The Myth of Barack Obama’s “True Progressive” Past Paul Street ZMag
2008/07/17 Barack Obama - a class act Jim Creegan Weekly Worker
2008/07/17 Because he's black Paul Street ZMag
2008/07/16 Going nuts about Obama Mahir Ali ZMag
2008/07/15 All you need to know about Obama Brad Spangler
2008/07/12 After the Obama Betrayal Gregory Kafoury Counterpunch
2008/07/04 Why the left should not back Obama Barry Finger Workers' Liberty
2008/06/27 Warning: This candidate makes wide right turns Alan Maass Socialist Worker
2008/06/15 Change, What Change? Jeffrey St Clair Counterpunch
2008/06/14 Beware the Chicago boys Naomi Klein The Guardian
2008/06/10 Deadly Fallout From Obama's Groveling Before Israel Lobby James G. Abourezk Counterpunch
2008/05/29 After Bobby Kennedy/False Hope in Obama John Pilger New Statesman
2008/05/26 Is Barack Obama an Alternative for U.S. Workers? Shane Jones Socialist Alternative
2008/03/15 Obamamania, a febrile disease Doug Henwood Left Business Observer
2008/03/10 Obama, the Democrats and the socialist movement Barry Finger Workers' Liberty
2008/03/05 Why I won't vote for Obama Wayne Price Anarkismo
2008/02/29 Count Me Out: The Obama Craze Matt Gonzalez Counterpunch
2008/02/22 Who is Barack Obama and what does he stand for? Luiz Bicalho Marxist
2007/02/13 US Senator Barack Obama and the war in Iraq Tom Eley WSWS

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