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List of progressive radio stations

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This is a table of radio stations across the United States that host or have hosted at least one progressive talk show. For an overview of the history of progressive radio stations, see Progressive radio stations and Progressive radio timeline.

Liberal Talk Radio was the primary source for this data. Talking Radio also provided information. See also the Wikipedia List of Air America Radio affiliates, the Left.Wikia list, and the LTRapedia.Wikia list. OpEdNews provides a list organized by show rather than by station.

To find message boards for progressive talk supporters in any of the following cities, search for "message board" on this page or see the following entries in the table below:


Area Freq./Call Letters History Comments
Anchorage, AK 1080-AM/KUDO
  • current programming schedule contains Air America and Jones Network shows
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
KUDO official site
Little Rock, AR 1380-AM/KDXE
  • local management arrangement (LMA) signed with Nova M Radio on May 1, 2006
  • March 14, 2007: changed format to sports [1]
AAR Meetup in Little Rock
Flagstaff, AZ 600-AM/KVNA
  • mix of liberal, conservative, sports, and other programming. Carries Ed Schultz.
KVNA official site
Phoenix, AZ 1480-AM/KPHX
  • announcement made that station (1010-AM/KXXT) would switch after January 31
  • late March 2006: local group bought 1480-AM/KPHX, which became flagship of Nova M network
  • April 2006: 1480-AM went on the air
  • April 2007: one year birthday party with hosts (Thom Hartmann, Mike Malloy, Stephanie Miller) among the guests
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
  • January 2009: LMA ends; switches to adult formats, with progressive talk temporarily moving to (1190-AM/KNUV)
  • July 8, 2009: progressive talk returns to KPHX
Tucson, AZ 1330-AM/South Tucson
  • KJLL official site
  • plays conservative (Bill O'Reilly, etc.) and moderate shows in addition to Stephanie Miller
Barstow-Victor Valley, CA 1230-AM/KSZL
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
Air America affiliate, according to Liberal Talk Radio; could not find official web site
Berkeley, CA 94.1-FM/KPFA/Berkeley
  • original Pacifica station, launched in 1949
Pacifica station
Eureka, CA 1480-AM/KGOE KGOE official site; Stephanie Miller affiliate
Fresno, CA 790-AM/KFPT
  • purchased by Peak Broadcasting in February, 2007
  • sold to Fat Dawgs 7, owners of local ESPN radio affiliate KFIG, AM 1430
  • changed to sports on April 2, 2007
Loma Linda, CA 1050-AM/KCAA/Loma Linda KCAA official site Jim Hightower, some conservative hosts
Los Angeles, CA KBLA/Los Angeles
  • March 31, 2004: one of first five stations to carry 24-hour AAR programming
  • April 2004: temporarily off air due to payment dispute
Los Angeles, CA 1150-AM/KTLK/Los Angeles KTLK official site affiliate of Air America, Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz
Los Angeles, CA 90.7-FM/KPFK/Los Angeles Pacifica station
Monterey, CA 540-AM/KRXA KRXA official site
Needles, CA 1340-AM/KTOX
  • Mix of liberal, conservative, and conspiracy/paranormal shows, including Ed Schultz and Alex Jones. Picked up Ed Schultz the first day his show went nationwide.
KTOX official site
Palm Springs, CA 1340-AM/[formerly] KPTR
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
  • February 2010: moves to 1450-AM, displacing conservative talk station KGAM
KGAM official site Ed Schultz as well as conservative hosts
Palm Springs, CA 1450-AM/KPTR
  • February 2010: moved from 1340-AM
KGAM official site Ed Schultz as well as conservative hosts
Riverside, CA 1050-AM/KCAA KCAA official site
Sacramento, CA 1320-AM/KCTC
  • February 26, 2007: KCTC changed its format from liberal politics to all-sports program as an affiliate of ESPN Radio, according to John Geary, general manager; see Liberal Talk Radio
KCTC official site; owned by Entercom; see petition
Sacramento, CA 1240-AM/KSAC
San Bernardino, CA 1050-AM/KCAA
  • March 31, 2004: one of five original stations to carry 24-hour AAR programming
  • April 2007: dropped AAR affiliation
KCAA official site
San Diego, CA 1360-AM/KLSD
San Diego, CA 1700-AM/XEPE
  • December 2007: Stacy Taylor, formerly of San Diego's KLSD, moves to XEPE
XEPE official site; station also hosts conservative Dennis Miller and conservative-libertarian Neal Boortz; 10,000 watts daytime and nighttime; owned by Broadcast Company of the Americas (based in San Diego)
San Francisco, CA 960-AM/KQKE
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
KQKE official site
San Francisco, CA 810-AM/KGO KGO official site
San Luis Obispo, CA 1340-AM/KYNS
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
KYNS official site
Santa Barbara, CA 1340-AM/KIST (previously KTLK) Liberal Talk Radio article: station has been sold (January 10, 2007)
Santa Cruz, CA 1340-AM/KOMY
Santa Cruz, CA 101.1-FM/FRSC Well-known pirate radio station FRSC official site
Denver/Boulder, CO 760-AM/KKZN
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
KKZN official site
Denver/Boulder, CO 88.5-FM/KGNU


  • May 1978: Signs on at 88.5 in Boulder
  • Summer 2004: Acquires 1390-AM in Denver
Community station with music, news & information. Broadcasts "Democracy Now!" via Pacifica. Local talk "Metro" 3-4 pm.

KGNU official site

New Haven, CT 1300-AM/WAVZ
Washington, DC 1050-AM/WZAA/Washington, DC
Washington, DC 89.3-FM/WPFW/Washington, DC
  • on air in 1977, after a competitive selection process
WPFW official site; Pacifica station
Washington, DC 1260-AM/WWRC
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
WWRC official site
Daytona Beach, FL 1590-AM/WPUL Carries Ed Schultz and Stephanie Miller, no Air America programming WPUL website
Jacksonville, FL 1460-AM/WZNZ WZNZ official site
Jacksonville, FL 105.5-FM/WSJF
Key West, FL 1500-AM/WKIZ WKIZ official site
Miami, FL 940-AM/WINZ WINZ official site; one of the first five Clear Channel progressive radio stations
Sarasota, FL 1450-AM/WSRQ now carries Neal Boortz, Dr. Laura
Tampa, FL 88.5-FM/WMNF/Tampa, FL
  • first went on the air in September, 1979; Florida's first community radio station
station web site
Tampa, FL Democracy for America -- Tampa Bay radio page
West Palm Beach, FL 1290-AM/WJNO/West Palm Beach WJNO official site
Atlanta, GA 1690AM/WMLB
  • as of January 28, 2007, petition to restore format is in progress
Atlanta Progressive Talk
Atlanta, GA 1380-AM/WAOK African-American talk WAOK official site
Atlanta, GA 1160-AM/WWAA, then 1690-AM/WMLB
  • January 30, 2006: Ownership changed hands to JW Broadcasting
  • June 11, 2006: Air America syndicated programming terminated (except for the Al Franken Show)
  • February 2007: AAR programming ends with Franken's departure
WMLB official site
Honolulu, HI 1500-AM/KUMU KUMU official site
Kauai, HI 570-AM/KQNG KQNG official site
Kihei (Maui), HI 1110-AM/KAOI
  • carried only one hour of Al Franken; dropped as of February 2007
KAOI official site
Moscow, ID 92.5-FM/KRFP KRFP official site
Des Moines, IA 98.3-FM/KWQW station has mix of progressive and conservative talk
Cedar Rapids/Iowa City, IA 800-AM/KXIC
  • carried only Thom Hartmann and Randi Rhodes; both no longer on schedule as of February 2007
petition to bring progressive talk to Cedar Rapids/Iowa City
Champaign, IL 90.1-FM/WEFT
  • September 26, 1981: first official broadcast signal
  • 1992: Prairie Air purchased the building that houses WEFT studios
  • 1993: went to 24-hour format
WEFT official site
Chicago, IL 950-AM/WTND
  • April 2004: dropped AAR after a payment dispute
Chicago, IL 820-AM (originally 850-AM)/WCPT
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
  • November 2007: moves to AM 820; also daytime-only, but operates at 5000 watts instead of 2500
WCPT official site; broadcasts during daytime only (per FCC rules)
Marion/Carbondale, IL 1420-AM/WINI WINI official site
Burlington, IA 1490-AM/KBUR KBUR official site
Quad Cities, IA/IL 1270-AM/WKBF
  • March 2005: Air America Radio
  • October 2006: announcement that would switch; bought by Randy Melchert, graduate of Bob Jones University
  • December 5, 2006: switches to Christmas music; never returns to progressive talk
converted to a Christian music station, according to Wikipedia
Ashland, KY 1340-AM/WCMI
  • November 2006: took over progressive talk from WRVC in Huntington, WV
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
WCMI official site
Baton Rouge, LA 1380-AM/WPYR (originally WYNK) official site; had been listed as threatened according to NonStop Radio
Eunice/Lafayette, LA 1490-AM/KEUN
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
KEUN official site
New Orleans, LA 1350-AM/WSMB owned by Entercom; note that WSMB currently refers to a Memphis station
Boston (Quincy), MA 1510-AM/WWZN/Quincy
  • late October 2008: local host Jeff Santos (formerly of WKOX/WXKS) begins broadcasting one hour a day (bulk of station programming remains sports)
  • November 4, 2008: Santos broadcasts full Election Night coverage
  • December 1, 2008: Santos will begin broadcasting full morning talk show, and Peter B. Collins a 6-9 p.m. show
  • January 2009: additional progressive talk will be added
  • April 28, 2009: announcement that Santos Media has signed one-year lease with station; weekday programming expanded from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. beginning May 4 (Santos 6-10 a.m., Stephanie Miller 10-12 a.m., Ed Schultz 12-3 a.m., Thom Hartmann 3-6 p.m., local show 6-7 p.m.)
Boston, MA 1200-AM/WKOX/Framingham, 1430-AM/WXKS/Chelsea (now terminated)
  • October 4, 2004: switched to progressive talk
  • December 21, 2006: switched from progressive talk to Rumba (Hispanic music) format

See entry for WWZN/1510-AM (above) for website and message board for current commercial progressive talk programming in Boston. Note that WKOX broadcast progressive time at 10 kW daytime/1 kW night and WXKS at 5 kW daytime/1 kW night. WKOX later moved and, still later, was upgraded to 50 kW.

Boston (Cambridge), MA 88.1-FM/WMBR
  • WMBR website MIT radio; mostly music, but broadcasts "What's Left" at 8 p.m. on Wednesdays
Boston (Newton), MA 90.3-FM/WZBC
  • WZBC website Boston College radio; mostly music, but broadcasts "Democracy Now!" on weekdays and "Sounds of Dissent" and "Truth and Justice Radio" on weekend mornings
Great Barrington, MA 97.7-FM/WBCR WBCR official site
Greenfield, MA 1240-AM/WHMQ WHMQ/WHMP/WHNP official site
Northampton, MA 1400/WHMP WHMQ/WHMP/WHNP official site
Springfield (East Longmeadow), MA 1600/WHNP WHMQ/WHMP/WHNP official site; owned by Saga Communications (as of mid-March 2008)
Bangor, ME 103.1-FM/WZON WZON official site
Monticello, ME WBCQ "The Planet" shortwave
  • On 7415 kHz shortwave and three other frequencies. Shows of progressive interest are mostly on 7415.
  • Eclectic mix of paid programming. Progressive shows include Radio New York International, Le Show with Harry Shearer, Off the Hook. Also has music and counterculture shows. Also sells airtime to religious broadcasters and right wingers.
WBCQ official site
Portland, ME 870-AM/WLVP WLVP official site
Ann Arbor, MI 1290-AM/WLBY
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
WLBY official site
Detroit, MI 1310-AM/WDTW
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
WDTW official site
Grand Rapids, MI 1230-AM/WTKG WTKG official site
Petroskey, MI 750-AM/WJML official site for both 750-AM (progressive) and 1150-AM (conservative); see also Liberal Talk Radio's article about new ownership for the station, now known as WWKK
Brainerd, MN 95.9-FM/WWWI WWWI official site
Duluth, MN/Superior, WI 1490-AM/KQDS
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN 950-AM/KTNF/St. Louis Park
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
KTNF official site, Wikipedia page on KTNF
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN 90.3-FM, 106.7-FM/KFAI KFAI official site
Columbia, MO 89.5-FM/KOPN KOPN official site community station that carries mostly music and NPR, but also "Democracy Now" via Pacifica
Kansas City, MO 2005 blog article with link to petition
St. Louis, MO 920-AM/KGNU WGNU official site
St. Louis, MO 1190-AM/KRFT
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
successful in getting Al Franken and Randi Rhodes on air; see Progressive Talk
Missoula, MT 930-AM/KMPT article in New West, Air America Missoula -- Bring Back Progressive Radio to Missoula
Missoula, MT 105.9-FM/KKNS (now terminated)
  • March 2006: switched to "Jack FM"
article in New West, Air America Missoula -- Bring Back Progressive Radio to Missoula
Asheville, NC 880-AM/WPEK
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
WPEK official site
Chapel Hill, NC 1360-AM/WCHL
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
WCHL official site
Keene, NH 1220-AM/WZBK
Atlantic City, NJ 1490-AM/WTAA
  • summer 2007: switched to progressive talk
Brick, NJ 530-AM/Underground Progressive Radio Underground Progressive Radio official site
Lake Tahoe, NV 590-AM/KTHO
  • August 2005: dropped AAR and returned to local programming
Reno, NV 1230-AM/KJFK KJFK official site
Albuquerque, NM 1350-AM/KABQ
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
KABQ official site
Santa Fe, NM 1260-AM/KTRC no website
Taos, NM 1330-AM/KVOT
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
KVOT official site; "Workin' It" page lists KVOT as one of the carriers of its show as of early 2007
Binghamton, NY 1360-AM/WYOS
  • all conservative talk as of October 1, 2002
  • all sports as of May 2007
Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY 1270-AM/WHLD
  • December 2006: Changed format to gospel. However, still airs "Democracy Now." Owner: Citadel.
WHLD official site
Buffalo, NY 1520-AM/WWKB WWKB official site
Ithaca, NY 1470-AM/WNYY
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
WNYY official site; owned by Saga Communications (as of mid-March 2008)
New York, NY 99.5-FM/WBAI/New York
  • Pacifica station launched in 1960
KBAI official site; Pacifica station
New York, NY PRN/New York
  • Progressive Radio Network founded by Gary Null
PRN official site;
New York, NY 1600-AM/WWRL
  • September 1, 2006: takes over from WLIB as the Air America Radio flagship station
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
WWRL official site
New York, NY 1190-AM/WLIB
  • March 31, 2006: becomes Air America Radio flagship station
  • September 1, 2006: content moves to WWRL, which becomes the new Air America Radio flagship station
WLIB official site
Rochester, NY 950-AM/WROC WROC official site; this was Entercom's first progressive station, and according to Liberal Talk Radio (August 31, 2007), "After three years, the station is doing modestly, given its AM dial position and rather weak signal."
Akron/Cleveland, OH 1350-AM/WARF flipped to sports as of Friday, March 30, 2007
Cincinnati, OH 1530-AM/WCKY, then 1360-AM/WSAI (now terminated)
  • launched in January of 2005 on WCKY-AM (1530);
  • December 11, 2006: format flipped
Cleveland, OH 1100-AM/WTAM
  • March 2006: dropped the Jerry Springer Show, its only AAR programming
Columbus, OH 1230-AM/WTPG (renamed WYTS)
  • January 7, 2007: flipped from progressive talk to mostly conservative talk
  • December 21, 2006: announcement: format flipping from progressive talk to mostly conservative talk
see WVKO entry (immediately below) for message board; owner: Clear Channel

ProgressOhio and Ohio Majority Radio hosted benefit in Columbus, March 4, 2007

Columbus, OH 1580-AM/WVKO Ohio Majority Radio; message board; official website
Nelsonville, OH 770-AM/WAIS Ed Schultz from 3-6 p.m.; 2nd hour of Stephanie Miller from 10-11 a.m.; 1000 W
Toledo, OH 1520-AM/WDMN 500 W daytime, 400 W nighttime
Youngstown, OH 1570-AM/WARN
  • early 2006: dropped AAR
Albany/Corvallis, OR 990-AM/KTHH
Bend, OR 106.7-FM/KPOV KPOV official site
Eugene, OR 1450-AM/KOPT
Medford, OR 730-AM/KEZX KEZX official site
Portland, OR 620-AM/KPOJ
  • March 31, 2006: one of first five original stations to carry AAR programming
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
KPOJ official site; KPOJ jumped from 26th to 3rd (later 2nd) among adults 25-64 after it made the switch to more liberal programming
Portland, OR 970-AM/KCMD KCMD official site
Philadelphia, PA 1340-AM/WHAT WPTT official site
Pittsburgh, PA 1360-AM/WPTT WPTT official site
Pittsburgh, PA 1550-AM/WURP
  • April 15, 2007: dropped AAR programming for business radio
WURP official site
Pittsburgh, PA 88.3-FM/WRCT WRCT official site
State College, PA 970-AM/WBLF Wikipedia page on WBLF
Providence, RI 920-AM/WHJJ
  • October 2004: picked up AAR
  • September 2005: dropped AAR
Charleston, SC 730-AM/WLTQ
  • September 2005: flipped to adult standards
WLTQ official site
Columbia, SC 1230-AM/WOIC
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
WOIC official site
Chattanooga, TN 1310-AM/WDOD
Memphis, TN 680-AM/WSMB * note that call letters WSMB were also apparently used by New Orleans station
Nashville, TN 91.1-FM/WRVU mostly a music station, but hosts Liberadio(!) WRVU official site
Nashville, TN 98.9-FM/WRFN Radio Free Nashville ("Low Power for the People")
Nashville, TN
  • December 30, 2006: first meeting of Air America for Nashville (described on website)
Air America for Nashville
Austin, TX 1600-AM/KOKE
Corpus Christi, TX 1150-AM/KCCT no website
Dallas, TX 1360-AM/KMNY
Dallas, TX 910-AM/KXEB
  • March 21, 2005: first day of programming as an Air America Radio affiliate.
  • October 1, 2006: first day of programming as a Catholic radio station on the Guadalupe Radio Network (based in Midland, TX)
El Paso, TX 1650-AM/KHRO
  • April 2007: switches to oldies [2], [3]
KHRO official site
Houston, TX 90.1-FM/KPFT
  • Pacifica station launched in 1970
  • transmitter towers bombed by far-rightists in 1970 (first year of operation)
Pacifica station
San Antonio, TX 103.1-FM/KTXX
Charlottesville, VA 1450-AM/WVAX
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
WVAX official site; owned by Saga Communications (as of mid-March 2008)
Bellows Falls, VT 100.1-FM/WOOL WOOL official site low power FM; non-profit organization
Bennington, VT 1370-AM/WBTN WBTN official site
Brattleboro, VT 1490-AM/WKVT WKVT official site
Burlington, VT/Plattsburgh, NY 1390-AM/WVAA
  • August 2006: moved to WTWK (daytime-only rather than WVAA's stronger 24-hour signal)
WTWK official site
Burlington, VT/Plattsburgh, NY 1070-AM/WTWK
  • August 2006: moved from WTWK (daytime-only rather than WVAA's stronger 24-hour signal)
  • March 5, 2007: flipped to Greenstone Media and a women's talk format known as "EVE 1070"
  • late 2007: reintroduced Stephanie Miller
WTWK official site
Montpelier, VT 550-AM + 96.1 (Warren) + 96.5-FM (Barre-Montpelier)/WDEV WDEV official site
Bellingham, WA 930-AM/KBAI Owned by Saga Communications (as of mid-March 2008)
Seattle, WA 710-AM/KIRO KIRO official site
Seattle, WA 1090-AM/KPTK
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
KPTK official site
Spokane, WA 1280-AM/KPTQ
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
KPTQ official site
Kenosha, WI 1050-AM/WLIP WLIP official site station also broadcasts Dr. Laura and Jim Bohannon
Madison, WI 92.1-FM/WXXM
  • December 21, 2006: local group successfully persuades Clear Channel to reverse its decision to change the format
  • April 2007: Iraq Town Hall
Madison, WI 1670-AM/WTDY WTDY official site station also broadcasts Bill O'Reilly
Milwaukee, WI 1290-AM/WMCS WMCS official site African-American-oriented talk
Milwaukee, WI
  • petition is underway to bring Air America to Milwaukee for the first time
Air America Milwaukee
Racine, WI 1400-AM/WRJN Airs Ed Schultz, Alan Colmes and Lionel, along with Bill O'Reilly and some local shows WRJN official site
Wausau/Stevens Point, WI
  • founders of Air America Radio Network, Shelly and Anita Drobny and group of local community activists will purchase radio stations "here and all across Wisconsin"
Progressive Talk Stevens Point
Huntington, WV 930-AM/WRVC
  • September 2006: changes to sports; content moves to WCMI in Ashland, KY
No longer broadcasts progressive talk
Wheeling, WV 94.1-FM/WVJW WVJW official site
Sheridan, WY 93.7-3HDFM/KYTI This is Air America's only HD sub-channel affiliate. An HD-capable radio is required for listening over the airwaves. Sheridan Media official site, including link to KYTI

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