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In the 21st century, radio now consists not only of over-the-air (AM, FM, shortwave) broadcasting but also audio (and enhanced audio) programming via satellite and Internet.

In the months following the 2006 election, Clear Channel, a large corporation with conservative ties, began dropping the progressive talk format on stations around the country. Activists in Madison, Wisconsin were successful in reversing the decision. In Columbus, Ohio, where the format was switched a day before the announced date, and in Boston, Massachusetts, where the format change occurred without warning, groups are attempting to either reverse the decision or find a new home for progressive talk radio. See Progressive radio stations.


Progressive radio links


Radio networks began almost from the beginning of the medium. Networks share centrally-produced programming with multiple affiliates, possibly also through multiple distribution vehicles.


Radio is perhaps the most personality-driven communications medium, so it's no surprise that unique celebrities dominate. Few entertainers and journalists manage to make the transition from television to radio or vice versa. For example, Fox News's performer, Bill O'Reilly, hasn't been able to bring even his limited television audience to radio[1]. Likewise, Rush Limbaugh's short-lived television effort flopped.

Not all personalities listed here are progressive.


Air America Radio

Infinity Broadcasting

Jones Radio Networks

Westwood One (CBS-owned)

Premiere Radio Network (Clear Channel-owned)

TalkStar Radio Network




See Internet.


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