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Political Neologisms

From dKosopedia

This is a supplement to the Kossary and MemeTank, including words or phrases that may not be part of the standard political lexicon or indeed may be freshly minted.

The antichoice equivalent of a Chickenhawk, chickendads (and chickenmoms) refuse to adopt children themselves, while demanding the gov't force pregnant women to put children they are unable to care for up for adoption rather than exercise their right of choice.
A term that a doofus applies in place of, and to distract from, a more accurate term. An idiotic euphemism. Doophemsims are trendy in politics today, where they themselves can be meta-duphemised as "frames," "memes" or "contexts." Examples include the use of "Elitist" for intelligent, "Clear Skies" for polluters' profit protection, "Moral Values" for gay-bashing, and the like.
Evangelicals that regard Matthew 5 and similar New Testament approaches to conflict as apocryphal, and prefer instead to pray for further vast military onslaughts of the American Army of God. "This new invasion will deeply warm the hearts of the Evanbellicose...and ensure a heavy turnout at midterms!"
Individuals whose hatred of other groups and philosophies is hidden behind a veneer of false "patriotism." (from poemless)
1) The world Neoconservatives inhabit. 2) Prophylactic sheaths, often made of latex, that should have been applied years ago to prevent the creation of neocondom. (coined by DHinMI)
Those who wish to use uncontrolled deficit spending to create another economic bubble that they can profit from while leaving the rest of us in the lurch when it inevitably bursts. May also be spelled "Rebubbleicans."
General term for a country the US invades or disrupts when politically expedient, without material concern for their welfare beyond an election cycle or the financial interests of significant party donors or leaders. "Polls are starting to droop and I need something to do...can we do another Shitcanistan this term?"
Shit Midas 
One who ruins everything he comes into contact with. Example: George W. Bush. (jeremy)
America after George W. Bush fell off the wagon.

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