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Talk:Position:Republicans are unbiblical on abortion

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Other than putting the evidence under each individual separate argument made in favour of this position, this is a good example of how issue/position/argument works. And it sure uses the ultimate evidence/source/authority that the Republican Party can't ignore: The Bible! Nice work, all!

Expand the heck out of this, and find other good positions where Republicans are unbiblical, say on sexuality (was it homosexuals that displeased God about Sodom, or was it rape? hmm - did Bush create a Sodom in the Superdome? hm, dump that in the MemeTank!)

The Exodus 21:22,23 has some additional meanings that I think are fascinating. The verse says that if you assault a woman and she miscarries, the punishment is up to the husband. Doesn't it follow then that the loss of a fetus due to an action is also up to him? Can't this be seen then that if it's OK for the husband, then abortion itself is OK? Seems to me that this follows logically from the contention that the penalty for the miscarriage is to be determined by the husband.

This seems to logically follow that abortion is OK as long as it's the husband that makes the decision.

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