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Summit Ministries

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Summit Ministries is a Christian fundamentalist group founded in 1962 by Dr. David A. Noebel. From its organizational campus at the base of Pike's Peak in Manitou Springs, Colorado, Summit Ministries cadre conduct two week sessions in which high school and college students from across America are intellectually inoculated against the ideas that gave rise to the Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution: formal logic, rationalism, physics, and Darwinian evolution. Tellingly, pluralism is also denounced. This is intended to safeguard their fundamentalist Christian faith from the threat of conversion to Secular Humanism, Marxism-Leninism and Postmodernism which they might encounter in liberal arts curricula. Students also pledge allegiance in reverential ceremonies to both the United States flag and a Protestant Christian flag. Nationalisms are constructed around one or more of four characteristics which identify members of the nation: language, race, religion, and common historical experience. Patriotisms differ from nationalisms in that they are promote popular attachment to the state and its secular institutions rather than with the nation as such. Summit Ministries thus seeks to replace American Patriotism with a Fundamentalist Protestant Christian Nationalism.

Noebel, who also publishes textbooks for parents who homeschool their children and has run unsuccessfully for Congress, is highly critical of a number of intellectual celebrities including but not limited to John Dewey, Erich Fromm], Margaret Sanger and Carl Sagan. The National Education Association, and the MacArthur Foundation are also targets for denunciation.

Noebel's political philosopical obsessions may be found in his Understanding the Times: The Religious Worldviews of Our Day and the Search for Truth, Eugene, Oregon: Harvest House Publishers, 1991, ISBN 1565072685. This work maps contemporary intellectual currents in the United States as an ideological struggle between Marxism-Leninism, Secular Humanism and Biblical Christianity. New Age spiritualism is discussed almost as an afterthought. One of the stranger elements in Understanding the Times is that science fiction author Isaac Asimov is repeatedly identified as one of the prime villains in the struggle.

Among the Summit Ministries Board of Directors is Georgia State Senator Preston Smith.

i am afraid that you have not only put erich fromm, but also, karl marx in the wrong category ! please, READ THIS EXCERPT from fromm 's book entitled, " the sane society " ! thanks, erichfrommrules ! " the irrational response which is evoked by the words socialism and marxism is furthered by an astounding ignorance on the part of most of those who become hysterical when they hear these words . in spite of the fact that all of marx 's and other socialist 's writings are available to be read by everybody, most of those who feel most violently about socialism and marxism have never read a word by marx, and many others have only a very superficial knowledge . if this were not so, it would seem impossible that men with some degree of insight and reason could have distorted the idea of socialism and marxism to the degree which is current today . "

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