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Transcendology is the application of Transcendentalism to twenty-first century spirituality. It asserts that truthfulness and rationality in religions are truths that can be substantiated by science or those that can not be proven to be incorrect. It is a doctrine and proclamation that spiritual transcendence and spiritual interaction, if one believes this to be an actuality, could only be possible between the spiritual existence and the "spirit" of man. Supernatural acts performed by physical or spiritual beings in the physical universe are not capable of existing or transpiring. Transcendology could benefit ALL religions and eliminate many superstitions within them. It could unify them and eliminate religious related terrorism and brainwashing. ~ Kurt Kawohl [1]

Religious Leaders

Rational Spirituality

Schizophrenia and Delusions

Terrorism and Religions

Is the Existence of God or the Spirit a Possible Reality

In U.S.A. there are more than 1500 religious denomination and faith groups, including 900 Christian, 100 Hindu and 75 Buddhist denominations. Does the spirit survive physical death?

  1. On a scale of 1 to 10 rating, with consciousness being level 1 where the spirit accumulates data and triggers emotions.
  2. The upper level of sub consciousness is at level 2; involuntary subconscious reactions are sometimes manifested.
  3. The dream level at 3; a series of thoughts and visions are introduced.
  4. Level 4 is deep sleep.
  5. Hibernation or very deep sleep is at level 5.
  6. At level 6 unconsciousness sets in.
  7. Spiritual data is stored between levels 6 and 9.
  8. At 10 the subconscious is at a point of physical imminent death. The spirit that has established lines of communications with a spiritual existence is transmitted to the spiritual realm, filtered and cleansed of all negative emotions; then it bonds with the spiritual existence.

Supernatural Events

Is There a God's Message

Has God Been Misinterpreted

Philosophy is a desire to ascertain a person’s perception of particular events. The more seemingly facts one acquires of a particular unknown the more questions develop. Is our part in the universe played out when we die physically or is there maybe another dimension wherein our thought processes are accumulated and stored for future references and which can also be used as inspirations for mankind? Let us assume the existence of a collective knowledge and call it the progressive and accumulative spiritual intelligence of the universe. Is this what mankind has possibly misinterpreted for several millennia as being God?


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This page was last modified 17:49, 8 March 2009 by roger. Based on work by Kurt Kawohl and dKosopedia user(s) Mr. Critical. Content is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

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