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Pyrrho:Where We Are In History

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I must have written and discarded this ten times by now, as "a history of progressive ideals", or "Narrative of Western Civilization"... some such junk as that. But all I know is the message boils down a couple ways.

Basically my short version of Western History is that bands of wild men ransacked the countryside, they won. They became the kings, and the word "noble" has to mean, historically, "savage brutes that won, wouldn't leave, and collect taxes". We have reformed the system of these brutes so that now we vote, the system itself, well... it's here, it's not leaving, and that is that, and progressives have long since stopped hoping it would for the most part, hoping instead to coopt it. And we HAVE reformed it... a big problem for the left is it's success.

The Republicans can not even begin to argue that we abolish Social Security, they can only discuss "how" it should be done, and the same with universal enfranchisement, public education, a 5 day work week and so many other things. Liberalism won enough that a lot of it's great plans, it's New Deals, have been adopted to the point of assumptions, assumptions that a Republican can turn around on and say, "well of course we support that silly! Don't be paranoid". Even if they don't.

From the dawn of time the group has sought to subjugate the individual, and I truly believe this in every case, even the happy little tribal community of liberal lore, the community which is life giving is also stultifying. My own personal journey has brought me to peace with this truism, one takes the good and the bad... as the same thing. The great thing about fire is that it burns, and that's the bad thing too. The great thing about science is it's power, and that is the bad thing too. The great thing about people is their intellectual interraction, their natural conflict which drives forward their ideas, and that's the bad thing too. Put simply, such things are a balance.

The problem with history is that bands of crazed men ran around taking everything over and it's never been taken back. Never.

But be sure there have been people from the very first day that never emotionally conceded that victory, and these are our roots. We never gave in and we were always the favorite of the people. People kept their own foods, they kept their own customs and religion, languages were forfieted but culture never was. It was affected, but never given up.

From the smoke of this history we entered a history of religious oppression in the west. The Church made a mockery of Christ's teachings, but not on it's own, certainly not. It did so when a dying empire coopted it's populist rhetoric, it's liberalism, and so extended if not it's empire, the supremecy of the oppressors.

But to fight such trends for a few thousand years is no big thing. What are a few thousand years to us? We will fight ten thousand if we can, and there is no way to stop us and still oppress us, for we simply will not stop. Progress looks forward and backward both. We will reclaim the supremecy of natural human wonder. History does not show people afraid of the foriegn, people that want to destroy the gods of others... history shows humans curious about the gods of others and confident in their own. We will have that wonder rule again. But we will not go back in time and forfiet technology, we will not forfieght even the ill gotten gains of war, such as the UN, the World Economy, or flat screen TVs.

I know that progress is coming, tectonically, and our struggles matter because our actions may be 50 years away, it may be 2000. But I am not speaking of "the struggle" because there is no struggle, there is the slow constriction of the progressive constrictor, set fast on the moral descendents of these savage brutes, the "nobility", who know better than we the weaknesses of the people, and when the battle is finally unjoined, only we shall walk away. What's left of the brute will thank us and wander off into the World Economy to factor amortization tables for cheap and plentiful goods the whole World can enjoy.

Our attack is to embrace. To embrace and extend. What do we attack? We attack Fundamentalism. Dogmatism. We do not attack certainy, but we attack the neurosis of fundamentalism. We will embrace the Fundamenalist Lifestyle as a personal choice, and thereby bind it to it's container, and as it insists that it can have no container, that it must be absolute, that it must infect us to be satisfied with itself, then we will constrict. And as we do this, it will be extinguished.


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