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CID Report of Investigation (11/03/2004)

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There are two detainees in this report.

One with an injured wrist, further exacerbated by 14 days of blindfolded in a small confinement and flexi-cuffed. It appears this is the prisoner who had 13 seperate disciplinary reports filed agaisnt him. This is also the detainee who gave the interview on 05Aug04. Alleged abuses occurred at KCFB.

The second detainee appears to have been released on 07Jul04 in his home town of Khowst. He is believed to be a high ranking member in anti-coalition forces in the area and contact with has been considered dangerous. This detainee apparently suffered a laceration to his skull during an escape attempt, from the butt of a gun, which required 14 stitches.

The report states the identity of the accused is unknown: "the Other Coalition Forces, who captured him, could not be interviewed due to their indentification not being known based on their operational sensitivity."

The report states an interview with the released detainee is not possible: " was not able to be interviewed, because he was considered an anti-coalition forces, high level operative and was suspected to be currently living in a high threat area of Afghanistan."

These two factors make it difficult to corroberate the allegations against the unknown member of the coalition forces.

The only statement is from an interview with the first detainee 05Aug04. The detainee only wants the US to fix his hand

On 29Jul04 the investigation was initiated upon receiving information from the Detainee Assessment Task Force who had received a report regarding an International Red Cross visit between 05-08Jul04.

The one question I have currently is why did they release the second detainee if he was a high-level anti-coalition operative?

He was released on the 7th of July in Khowst. The Red Cross was at Bagram between the 5th and the 8th. I don't know if that means anything.

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